Babycape: Easier and more versatile than a jacket


Most of us are still in for plenty more cool weather. But now that Spring is around the corner the on-and-off nature of kid jacket-wearing is already full swing. Too hot! Too cold! Take it off to buckle into the car seat! Put it on again! Annoying for all involved, especially if the jacket-wearer isn't […]

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Postcards Traveling The World | A postcard pen pal network. Looks like fun. Decorate a room with paper and string » Rookie Moms So easy and cute.

Underbed box under the clip-on highchair catches dropped food

Debbie's hack is sure to make us all slap our foreheads and wonder why we never came up with this ourselves: Our one year-old daughter eats in a clip-on chair attached to our kitchen island. We put a large plastic "underbed" storage box under her chair to catch what she drops. Instead of sweeping or […]

CD rack as board book shelf

M's storage solution: A CD shelving unit is the perfect depth for board books. In a regular bookshelf, board books can get pushed back too far, are hard to see when mixed with regular books, are often too small for use with clip-on bookends, etc. When we put board books in the bottom few shelves […]

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Alpha Mom™ – Zero to Forty Weekly Pregnancy Calendar Written by Amalah, here’s a week-by-week coundown that will educate AND entertain AND make you so glad you’re pregnant during the Internet era. (tags: pregnancy babies) DeliciousBaby Journal | Advantage Rent-A-Car’s Frightening Car Seats Debbie may have just changed the world for the better with her […]

Parenting: No amount of practice makes perfect, nor should it

In response to my guest post on Zen Habits yesterday, Bee left the following fascinating comment: …just please, please, please leave gaps in your shiny optimised parenting to get wrong and messy. Teaching kids how to surf on the crest of chaos and anarchy, is one of the most useful life skills we can impart. […]

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21 Tips on Keeping a Simple Home with Kids | Zen Habits We're on a Zen Habits roll! Thanks for the pointer, Sara! Thingamababy: Review: Revolving Toddler Shoe Tree Mmmmmm. Looks nice. (tags: toddlers, home organization) Baby Toolkit: Come on in My Kitchen: Win a Copy of Annabel Karmel's delicious Toddler Cookbook Remember when we […]

Lower the highchair so your toddler can play the electronic keyboard

Raven's going to have a two year-old maestro in the family: My 16 month-old loves to play around on our electronic keyboard. With all of the different instrument and style options available, who doesn't? Up until now, I've always held her on my lap to let her play since the little stool that came with […]