29 January 2008

What to do when the tab on the disposable diaper breaks

The real poop! From Tiffany:

If the tab breaks as you're trying to put a disposable diaper on your squirmy little one (and isn't it always when you're in a hurry?), there's still hope!  Go ahead and fasten the tab on the other side.  Now put on a second diaper right over the top of that one - intact tabs holding both securely.  When it's time for a change, remove the broken-tabbed inner diaper, and refasten the former outer diaper securely.  Voila!

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That's a great idea! Now I don't have to worry about getting the Duct Tape adhesive on the little one's skin (baby oil works great for removing the grey sticky stuff, should you rip the piece of tape too long and end up taping the flap to his or her leg, by the way). And yes, I AM KIDDING. I really like this trick because there is nothing extra to carry, thanks!

that's a whole heck of a lot of diaper though.

maybe, um, tape?

Yet another reason to go to cloth...

Wow, only 3 posts in to get a cloth diaper push! Cloth isn't for everyone.

I personally don't keep tape in my baby's room, and I'd be afraid of it coming off and sticking to his body.

I think it's a great idea and I'm smacking myself for not thinking of it myself.

Perhaps I'm naive, but what's the difference between tape and the stuff used to make sticky diaper tabs?

Cloth diapers, just as bulky as two disposables - speaking from years of experience buying extra large pants and pjs to fit over the cloth + cover diapers. The kids don't seem to notice the extra bulk.

Cloth diapers, just as bulky as two disposables - speaking from years of experience buying extra large pants and pjs to fit over the cloth + cover diapers. The kids don't seem to notice the extra bulk.

Don't forget to call the maker, who will apologize profusely and send you loads of coupons.

Joyeuse: Diaper tabs aren't sticky. Go find a kid in diapers and ask his mom or dad if there's an extra diapey you can look at. The tabs are more like velcro than tape.

This hack is pure genius!

So simple it's genius!

I'm not that resourceful, I usually have to chunk the first one and try again. I do agree, though, that this usually happens at the exact worst possible time!

I usually put the broken diaper and tab aside. Then, I make a rolled hem and staple the strap back on! Tape is to weak to hold that sucker on.

I use my broken diapers for valentine's day crafts... oh wait, wrong thread...

I have done that, but I would save it for night time--when my little girl would pee so much I HAD to double her diaper.

Cloth first-aid tape. It's surprisingly strong but tears easily and it's ok to be up against skin.

Or you can throw a diaper cover or washable swim diaper (which are almost the same thing as diaper covers) over it.

But I'd probably go with tape. Maybe even an old-fashioned diaper pin! I do have a couple around.

i think it's brilliant, if they have the right outfit on! a whole new meaning to does my butt look big in this diaper?
thanks for the hack!

It is so frustrating when the tap pulls off and diapers are just too expensive to just toss. Great idea!

I use a Band-aid. It's the perfect length. And won't harm their skin if adhesive gets on them.

Why hasn't this ever happened to me? What brand are you using that has faulty tabs?

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