Wash and store velcro bibs in a mesh lingerie bag

Lingerie Wash BagWho among us hasn’t had an article of clothing destroyed in the wash by the velcro from a bib? Misha has an answer:

We use bibs for our baby that have velcro closures and darn it if that velcro doesn’t attach itself to everything in my laundry. It is especially bad with anything elastic. So, my hack to deal with velcro bibs is to put them all in a lingerie wash bag so that they can’t stick to anything. I wash them and dry them in there. The bonus is that when it’s time to fold, all the bibs are easily put away since they are all together. A hack within a hack!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Popular hack lately! Someone submitted it to Parents’ magazine. Seeing it here, too, I’m now wondering if I’m the only one who never thought of this! Great tip — now any suggestions for getting a 2 year old to wear a bib (especially for meals involving pasta??)

  2. jconroy says

    I use my lingerie bag to hold all the foamy bathtub alphabet letters. I have a suction cup hook on the wall, we collect up all the letters and put them in the bag and hang it on the hook, so they can drip dry.

    We don’t leave them on the wall because my cleaning lady won’t wash the tub walls if they’re up. (and we can’t have that!)

  3. Marge says

    For any of you out there who don’t own a lingerie bag because either a. you don’t any lingerie fancy or expensive enough that requires special tlc or b. you only do three loads of laundry at your house, whites, darks and childs. At our house we have front load washer and dryers and we have a 15 month old so between my husband and I we only do 3 loads of laundry ever two weeks. As for the velcro on the bibs, I just make sure the bibs are already velcroed together before they enter the hamper that way they have no chance to cause damage to other articles of clothing. No problems yet.

  4. says

    We have lingerie bags for bras because otherwise the hooks catch on other clothing. (yeah, or I could hook the bras before i wash them, but the lingerie bag was like $2 at CVS)

    I LOVE this hack.

  5. Jen R says

    I use a lingerie bag in the dishwasher to hold things that are too small even for the baskets, like some of the breast pump parts.

  6. Lisa says

    Teeny tiny babby socks everywhere!!!!! I have infant twins, and after the first two loads of tiny clothes, i found that it was extremely annoying to try and fold all those tiny socks… I just put one sock inside the other… and of course to wash and dry, i place them in a lingerie bag.

  7. says

    Yeah, we just tend to fasten the velcro before sending through the wash and nothing gets snagged. No need for a lingerie bag there; although I need to get one for my mei tai because the straps will definitely be snagged otherwise.