Use freebie magnets as photo backing

Danny found a way to put freebie magnets to good use:

Like most homeowners, real estate agents are flooding our house with magnetic calendars this time of the year with their picture and contact information on the magnet. As I was about to throw away a 2007 calendar magnet I stopped and wondered what I would use to hold up the two pictures that were behind the magnet on the refrigerator – and it dawned on me – use the magnet! I cut the pictures to fit the magnet, taped them on the front, and put it back on the refrigerator!  Saved the magnet from a landfill and now the pictures are easy to see.

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  1. says

    I had a similar idea that I have yet to put in practice. We have a bunch of big magnets for lawyers that came on our phone books. I thought it would be fun to put some of my son’s artwork on them and give them to his grandparents as stocking stuffers.

  2. Judie says

    Now why didn’t I think of that?! I struggle with the fact that my fridge has all these pictures with a big magnet smack dab on the front somewhere, ruining the artwork or photo.
    Thank you for this fantastic hack!

  3. Holly says

    You don’t need tape or glue if you can peel the plastic picture off (they usually come off pretty easily, like peeling off a sticker) the remaining magnet is covered in still-sticky adhesive. Just pop your own picture on the adhesive and you’re done. Smoother-looking than glue or tape too. I do this with postcards a lot.

  4. says

    Seems so simple, yet so brilliant! I had two of these in the newspaper holder of our mailbox just the other day and tossed them. Next time I’ll put them to good use. Thanks for sharing this great idea.