Toddler mittens: Sew the lining to the mitten at the tip of the thumb

Pam (from New Brunswick, Canada, where it’s currently negative zero to the tenth degrees) came up with another toddler mitten hack:

I broke out the needle and thread today to fix a problem that’s been bugging me for weeks. My 14 month old’s mittens have an interior lining that’s stitched at the cuff, but not at the tips. When she pulls her mittens off by herself, they inevitably come off inside out and the the thumbs are nearly impossible to line up correctly. And it’s nearly impossible to get a wiggly toddler thumb in the thumb part of the mitt. So I took needle and thread and stitched the lining in place at the tip of the mitt and the tip of the thumb. Sanity (and seconds) saved!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you, thank you, Pam in New Brunswick! I’m here in NB, too (-23C windchill today!)… don’t know why I’ve never thought of doing this, but it will solve the problem of finicky gloves and mittens for sure!