“The Mr. Men Show” to premiere on Cartoon Network 2/4/08

Mr. HappyGot a promo email today from the folks at Cartoon Network. But before I tell you what it’s about, let me give you a little backstory.

I basically can’t stand the Cartoon Network.

Now I like Looney Toons and Scooby Doo as much as the next person, but something about the newer Cartoon Network shows sets my teeth on edge. The noise? The commercials? Who knows. The only time it’s on is when we stay in a hotel with the kids and we’re all too exhausted to come up with anything more creative than flip on the TV. My children flop on the bed and go into a special state of open-mouthed catatonia when they watch the Cartoon Network — it’s rather chilling to behold.

In other words, the likelihood of my posting anything promoting the Cartoon Network on Parent Hacks is…small.

This should give you an indication about how excited I am about a new TV show set to premiere on CN on 2/4: The Mr. Men Show.

My husband grew up reading Roger Hargreaves’s Mr. Men book series, and introduced them to our kids. These are silly little stories about the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters — each of which is based on a habit or personality trait (Mr. Messy, Mr. Happy, Little Miss Helpful, etc.). The kids love the humor, and I love the opportunity to introduce the kids to aspects of their own selves.

The Mr. Men Show is an animated sketch comedy geared toward 2-11 year-olds — we’re not talking educational television here. But if the show follows the book’s lead, the fun may open the door to thinking about feeling.

We’ve got basic cable at home (no Cartoon Network), so I hope someone will watch and write up a review (email me if you’re up for it). I have high hopes for this show!


  1. Jackie says

    Oh I am so bummed that I don’t get Cartoon Network. We just have the basic channels. I loved these books. When I was young I hated going to the dentist. My mom would give me one of these books each time I went. I recently found one of mine, Little Miss Twins, and I read it to my daughter. I hope someone posts the shows on youtube so I can catch them.

  2. says

    The thing that bothers me the most, I think, about the newer Cartoon Network shows is how sassy the characters are, to each other and especially to any adults. They all seem sarcastic and rude. Why should the hero of a children’s show be rude? I sure prefer the classics when it comes to cartoons. The violence was slapstic, unrealistic, and silly between animals – and the conflicts were just completely different from what’s popular now.

  3. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Amberlynn: Exactly! Thank you — I wasn’t able to verbalize it. I think the slapstick and, yes, violence, of the Roadrunner and Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny is *funny*, and I love the comical music. (And I’m pretty sensitive to slapstick and violence. Hate Three Stooges, and pretty much everything by Tarantino, but love South Park, Coen Bros…hm, getting a little off topic, but anyway.) But the newer cartoon stuff is just so…like you said, rude. I actually get offended watching some of that stuff.

    [For the record, I don’t let my kids watch the Simpsons or South Park. I consider that sophisticated teen-to-adult entertainment.]

  4. says

    I’ll write it. I grew up reading Mr. Men nad Little Miss books as well and I loved them as a child. My daughter saw the commercial and got excited, she told me that her teacher has the books and reads them to her class.

  5. says

    the thing about CN that irks me the most, is the consistent re-writing of history they show under the guise of looney tunes. I caught an ep one time that made absolutely no sense after they got done chopping all the “violence” out of it. One second Elmer is pointing his shotgun at bugs, the next it’s peeled open like a banana and his face is blackened. There were tons of small edits like that. I recall now a rant I read elsewhere that asked if any one else thought the people responsible for that injustice shouldn’t be stripped naked, tied to a stool, liberally doused with moose-musk and placed in the path of a migratory herd?

    Anyway, I remember reading the books when I was little, will be interesting to see what they do with it, I’ll have to set the DVR to capture them, might end up penning a review as well.

  6. says

    hey mr.men show your show is awsome i love all the charachters like little ms.sunshine & ms.dare devil & mr.bounce keep making good episodes
    katelyn ayala,celeste canchola,and aaron canchola