Sylvania power failure lights do double duty as night light and flashlight

Sylvania Power Failure LightRegina has a great solution to “how do you find the flashlight when the power goes out and it’s dark?”:

Recently, you were asking what we do when the power goes out. For Christmas, my folks gave us a package of these Sylvania power failure lights – they are great because they double as a nightlight and automatically turn on when the power goes out so we can find them quickly. The hardest part about them is finding outlets high enough out of the way because my two year-old daughter loves that they fit in her hand so well and frequently carries them around the house. I’ll find them after I turn out the lights for the evening, shining in her play kitchen or next to a doll in a stroller.

Well worth the money considering you don’t have to replace the batteries and they are always ready to go.

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    Yeah, these are great, we have one of the older ones in the entry way illuminating the stairs at night, right by the front door to grab in an emergency exit. I only wish the one I had was LED based instead of incandescent… but it’s 8 or so years old now. :)