Swim shirt doubles as a winter underlayer

So smart! From Katherine:

Don’t forget you can get another season’s use out of that sun-proof swimming shirt from last summer!

Remembering the outdoors-persons’ motto "cotton kills," I wanted to put a layer of non-absorbent material against my boy’s skin on an extended puddle-jumping expedition, and was rifling through  his drawers to find something.  Then I remembered the sun-proof long-sleeved t-shirt that we got this summer, made of swimsuit material.  Perfect!  Lightweight, and nice and slippery so the other layers of clothing don’t stick to it so much.  Also lends a bit of après-ski chic to his outfit!  ;-)


  1. chibcha65 says

    Confused??? I would think that it would cause perspiration and no outlet for the sweat. Any thoughts?

  2. CodeCrafter says

    This is a great idea!

    I might be able to help clear up the confusion. Polyester is great at wicking moisture away from the skin and is quick drying making it a very good under layer when bundling up. Over that layer you would want to put an insulating layer to keep in body heat and then a protective outer layer to keep out the elements.

    Cotton, on the other hand, absorbs the moisture and holds it to the skin.