15 January 2008

Swaptree: Declutter and get free stuff at the same time

SwaptreeDecluttering and reducing consumption are really two sides of the same coin. So it's nice when you come upon a service that helps you do both.

Swaptree is a website that allows you to swap your books, CDs, DVDs, and video games with other members for free. Mark Hexamer, the extremely personable co-founder of Swaptree, tells it like this:

You simply list the items you have and the items you want, and Swaptree's trade algorithms instantly find the members who want what you have and have what you want. So you can take that video game your child grew tired of, and trade it for a new one for only the cost of shipping. It's a great way to save money, be friendly to the environment and reduce consumption.

Swaptree even simplifies the mailing process by enabling you to print a perfect postage label right from your printer, so you don't have to weigh your items, buy stamps, or even go to the post office.

I haven't tried Swaptree yet (because I, uh, am still going through all the piles around my house) but I intend to once I've got a better handle of the stuff I'd like to trade. If you're all set to go, Mark has generously set up a discount code for Parent Hacks readers -- click this link (or enter the discount code parenthacks at checkout) to receive free shipping on your first trade:

The discount code is good through mid-February. Leave a comment if you try Swaptree -- I'd love to hear how it works for you.

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Also, don't forget about Freepeats -- a base for regional baby-and-kid-stuff swapping, by the lovely Angie of Baby Cheapskate.


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I started using Swaptree right before Xmas, and I love it! I've gotten 6-7 books so far, and one video. Everything's been in good condition, though the media rate shipping can take a while.

One thing: if you see something you want, grab it. The stuff available changes hourly (literally), and if you take time to ponder, it might be gone by the time you come back.

I have been a user of Swaptree for many months now and have enjoyed all of the children's movies that I have swapped my old books for.

I recommend it highly!

A member of my book club got me hooked on it, a few meetings back, and now i get all my books on it, as does the rest of my club. Really think its the neatest thing since ebay.

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