23 January 2008

Storing girls' hair accessories? Talk amongst yourselves.

Amazon: Scunci Ponytail holders Suzy wonders:

Have you heard any good hacks for how to store girls' hair bands? They are a tangled mess in the drawers. You can't put up 20 hooks on the walls, right? What can be done?

This seems like a great job for an over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets -- good for holding hair bands, barrettes of all sizes, brushes and combs, a bottle of detangler, styling products...

Any other ideas?

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A tackle box works well. The baubles and bands go in the small upper trays and brushes/product/etc in the larger bottom part. And the whole thing can be stashed in a cabinet or drawer.

Clothespins on a hanger. Think skirt hanger, only with more clothespins.

I use small carabiners to hold bunches of similar hairties together. It keeps them from getting tangled up and it's fairly easy to get one back off of the clip.

I have a boy so no personal experience, but how about a tie rack? They are typically made up of a bunch of hooks.

I use twist ties for the little ones. Often, the same ones that the head bands came on. Small, clear tupperware work for barrettes and other baubles.

I use a embroidery floss container for the hair things, and then a basket in the same drawer for the brushes and combs.

Headbands live on a hook on the wall. Hair ties are grouped by type and held together with those springy claw-type hair clips. Other clips, pins, etc are housed in a cute tin or other box. All of that and combs/brushes and styling aids live in one of the Ikea Kassett boxes, which has a lid and area to label what it holds.

my stepdaughter used to have a sort of plaque painted like a doll's head with long yarn braids attached to it that she would clip barrettes to...it was kind of ugly, but it worked.
i use a small tupperware sandwich container for my 2 year old's hair accessories for now- and similar to the carabiner idea, I use large binder clips to hold groups of hair elastics together.

what? you mean people actually organize hair stuff? Ours is all thrown in a jumbly mess in a bathroom drawer.

My old baby bottle drying rack works great these days as my daughter's "hair thing" organizer.

Ditto Monica -- we reuse plastic containers (especially the ones with lids) to hold different types of hair thingie-bobs. One is for elastics, one for clips, etc. We use containers small enough to fit in a drawer.

I love the tackle box idea, though.

I use a carabiner type device for hair ties and one of those "free gift with purchase" cosmetic bags for hair pins and clips.

I slide rows of hair elatics and bubble ties onto bobby pins, especially the annoying pins that won't stay straight to put in hair.

we use some sterilite plastic drawers - the small version with 3 little drawers. works great for clips, etc. when my daughter used to wear scrunchies, we stored them over a paper towel roll insert. kept them all in one place!

This is a bit pricey, but man would it be nice:


You can get a bunch of hooks for the peg board and when she grows up and needs fewer hair things (or she wants to be able to dig through herself without mom's help because parents are so uncool and won't do it right) you can use it as a household message board.

We use clear boxes for elastics, scrunchies, etc. For barrettes and clips we have a 'moppet' - it's a little doll head, which I crocheted, with multiple long strands of hair (crocheted chains). The clips and barrettes are thus on display, so my daughter can see them and pick them out herself.

We found these containers at the dollar store that are little round containers that screw onto the bottom of the next container. We have one for laundry money, one for different types of meds, beasds and hair accessories (one segment for elastic bands, one for hairpins, one for barrettes, etc.)

This would probably work pretty well: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60096250

We use a clear plastic craft box with the sections it allows us to see everything and it seperates the clips, elastics, headbands, etc.

We also use the small sterlite plastic drawers (the kind you would put on a desktop) but if you are crafty, I saw this craft at Martha Stewart yesterday to make a hair organizer out of ribbons and a frame. It didn't look very complicated. http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/mslo/menuitem.3a0656639de62ad593598e10d373a0a0/?vgnextoid=838827b07593f010VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD&rsc=ood_recipe_b

I put my elastic hair ties around the bottles that already exist in the medicine cabinet. Bottles for baby aspirin, allergy medication, ibuprofen, etc. are just the right size for most ties, and bottles for eye drops and nasal spray work well for the smaller ties.

My girls are still too young... they're both just 2 months old, but what i do for my niece is collect the cardboard from the paper towels and have her decorate them... the scrungies and hair ribbons fit perfectly, and can be organized and even color coordinated.. she thinks it's a game.. then we just sit them on a bottle drying rack.. the bobby pins and barettes we just clip them on the ends or get a large ribbon that fits in the center and clip it on that.. the brush and comb handle actually fit inside... it's worked for us..

hope this helps

What about an empty egg carton?

I use one of those binder rings from the office supply store to wrangle my ponytail holders. I even scored a cool plastic one with a set of hair elastics once. Super cheap - tons of uses.

I use one of the rings to hold a shower curtain to the rod. I found it in a children's magazine a few years ago and it works wonders.

Ribbons tacked onto a board or even the wall inside a closet can hold all the barrettes and various clips. Others go well in an embroidery floss box like others have said.

I have a wide grosgrain ribbon that I folded over the ends and stitched to make loops that I have binder rings through. The top binder ring goes around the towel bar to hang it, the bottom one holds hair ties, and there are barrettes and bobby pins and clips on the ribbon itself. It works great.

wow! you guys are amazing!! i love so many of the ideas...i think i will use the paper towel roll idea with a ribbon in the middle (genius) while i wait to see if Granddad might be inspired to make the Martha Stewart Hair Catch All. LOVE it!!! Thanks for all your input!!

The Dollar store sold a small flower pot set (plastic) with a tray for the 3 pots to sit upon. The tray is good for combs and a brush. I love to be organized, and the three containers allow ample space for plastic barrettes, "fancy" barrettes and small pony-tail holders. Thicker pony-tail holders have a home in a plastic open container, similar to what you could use for silverware. Hairbands are kept in a wide top, open basket on the dresser for easy access.

What I'd like to know is how you keep your girls from losing hair things after the first use? Mine are 20, 12, 10, and 2. I buy so many pony holders, clips and headbands!! I keep them in different levels of one of those over-the-door shoe racks in the bathroom so everybody can reach their own but the toddler can't reach anybody else's. Anyway, it seems like we wear them once then they disappear. I've had this problem since my 20 year old was old enough to rip bows out of her hair. I think they vanish into that black hole that swallows socks.

Cutlery organizer. Fits in the bathroom drawer, has five or six compartments, and is inexpensive.

I have one of those boards that has fabric on it and ribbons that go across it that you usually slide pictures under the ribbons. I hope you know what I am talking about. So it matches my little girls room, and instead of putting pictures under the ribbons, I put her headbands and her clippies under the ribbons. Because her headbands and clippies have lots of flowers and ribbons on them it looks so cute! I then have a little basket on her dresser for the elastics.

I do not need to store girl hair accessories the reason is my daughters hair keep very short like a boy. it is very short to wear hair accessories my two daughters used have very long hair until i took my daughters to the barber shop for very short haircut after the haircut my daughters has very short hair the haircuts made my daughters look a boys I got rid my daughters hair accessories because my daughters hair is very short and my daughter is not allow grow back their very long hair my daughters is going have very short forever My daughters do not need hair accessories any more

I have 2 lengths of pretty ribbons tied to a small row of hooks from ikea. We clip the hair clips/barrettes to them, and put the pony tail holders in small, colorful buckets from the $1 section at target. Looks cuter than plastic and functional.

I got rid my daughters hair accessories I just cut my daughters waist length hair very short like a boy

carabeaners work great for this! they slip on, don't get tangled but stay together!

No need my girls hair accessories I just cut my daughters waist length hair very short like a boy

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