06 January 2008

Parent Hacks nominated for Best Family and Parenting Blog

Wow! JD just alerted me to some exciting news: Parent Hacks is one of six finalists (with some of my favorite authors) for Best Family and Parenting Blog in the 2007 Performancing Blog Awards!

This is a reader's choice award, so if you've got a moment, go ahead and vote! It's a quickie -- one click of a button, no registering for anything, and you get to see the voting results when you're done.

(If you can't see the voting poll in this post, you can also vote here.)

Thank you to whoever nominated Parent Hacks...what a lovely surprise to find this out the evening before my kids head back to school and I can dive back in.

Voting ends on January 10, and the winners will be announced on the 11th.


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We love Parent Hacks! Thanks for running a great site!

Congrats! And Good luck to you! Healthy Moms has been nominated for the best parenting blog in the Bloggers Choice Awards for 2008. Please visit Healthy Moms for more details.


Voted for you! Good luck!

Thank you so much, everyone. This sort of stuff is such a validation of what we are ALL doing here.

I'll be voting for you ... but if you don't mind a bit of feedback ... lately load times are horrible ... fasterfox reports that loading this page (after reading it in rss, first) - took 23.418 seconds. Nearly all of that time loading the images from Amazon ... perhaps you can cache the images locally? (I have no problem with trying to get what you can ad/affiliate-wise ... but 23 seconds is way too long!)

It's shocking to see dooce on there - I would never nominate her for any kind of good parenting award. Her and her husband once left their baby in a hotel room and went downstairs to the bar to drink, for crying out loud.

Although Moxie is also good, there's really no contest here. Thank you for the site.

You were officially my "first"-- the first blog I ever met. I would be honored to stuff the ballot box for you!

You've got my vote. It's in the bag! Congratulations on a wondeful site.

Congrats Asha! Hannah and I are rooting for you. Parent Hacks saves our bacon on a daily basis. I'm sure our kids will thank you when they are older.


Ditto on the "Can't believe Dooce is on there" front. Gah.

Re: load time: Hm. I'm getting really different feedback on that. Well, to start with, I'll reduce the size of the "Things We Like" list in the sidebar to see if that helps. That's where the majority of Amazon images live.

Re: Dooce: I'm thrilled to see Dooce represented here. She cracked the market for "imperfect parent" literature wide open with her admissions about her difficult adjustment to motherhood and about depression. The fact that she has done so with a liberal dose of comedy points to her skill as a writer. Whether or not you agree with her parenting practices, there's no question about her blog's quality, craft and daring.

Whether or not you agree with her parenting practices, there's no question about her blog's quality, craft and daring.

Leaving your child alone in a hotel room is illegal and wrong is not a "parenting practice" as if it's a different style of parenting. That's all I'm going to say on that.

Well, quality, sure. I just can't shake the feeling that she's exploiting her child for the sake of her blog more than anything else.

I always thought Dooce was a fascinating blogger, but I would maybe categorize her blog in a different way; more of a journal than anything.

Asha, congratulations on this -- Parenthacks is such an amazing accomplishment!

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