Hack request: Send us your Valentine’s ideas!


I usually start thinking about Valentine’s Day on about February 10…too late to have a relaxed class valentine-making session with my kids. But this year is different! We’ve got our red construction paper and fancy scissors all ready to go. Nothing too involved — just paper hearts and a few M&Ms for each classmate and […]

What to do when the tab on the disposable diaper breaks

The real poop! From Tiffany: If the tab breaks as you’re trying to put a disposable diaper on your squirmy little one (and isn’t it always when you’re in a hurry?), there’s still hope!  Go ahead and fasten the tab on the other side.  Now put on a second diaper right over the top of […]

Crib toy bag works well on the highchair, too

Emily’s got a great idea for keeping the baby toys from getting underfoot in the kitchen: Sometimes while doing the dishes, I try to keep my daughter occupied in her high chair with various toys and books.  I found myself constantly wanting a place to store all of these items in the kitchen, rather than […]

links for 2008-01-28

Z Recommends: Free Online Household Management Aids There’s help out there! How to Dry Gloves or Mittens in the Winter @ raising4boys.com Awesome hack! It looks like a zombie emerging thru the heater vent, but we won’t mention that to the kids. Mind Flush: ParentHack – Recycling waste construction paper Nice hack in prep for […]

Toddler-friendly tofu

People forget that tofu is fantastic toddler food. It’s white, bland, nutritious, and can “hide” in all sorts of other foods. Here’s Kristen’s suggestion: Trying to get your baby to eat tofu? Stick it in miso soup! You can buy miso in bulk at most Asian and/or health stores, or just buy the quick instant […]

links for 2008-01-26

Friendships: The Dynamics Between Mamas Fantastic discussion going on at urbanmamas about the pressure parenting puts onto friendships old and new. I’m interested to know how dads feel about this topic, too.

Keep bedside Pedialyte chilled in an ice bucket


From the very resourceful Jess: Our 10 month-old daughter has a nasty bug … a cough, accompanied by some flu symptoms. So we’re giving her Pedialyte. But when she wakes up coughing in the middle of the night, she wants something to soothe her throat. We were running up and down the stairs grabbing her […]