Pack a bathrobe for the pediatrician’s office

As we’re on a bit of a roll with the sick kid-related hacks, I thought Emily’s would fit right in:

Now that it is cold and flu season, I find myself taking my daughter to the doctor more often. Many times for the sick visits as well as for her well check-ups, the doctor will have me strip her down to her diaper. Sometimes we might have to wait in the doctor’s room for a few minutes before the doctor is ready to see us and my daughter would get really cold. I determined that it was easy to take my daughter’s never-worn bathrobe on and off of her at the doctor so she could stay warm when needed, but be available to the doctor when she needed access to her back and chest. Finally, a use for the cute bathrobes she received at her baby shower!


  1. Charlotte says

    Good idea, but I usually have the opposite problem. Our doctor’s office is kept at about 90 degrees! We are always trying to cool down.

  2. Lauren says

    How clever! It was ok when Lilly didn’t get around well, I just wrapped her in a blanket and sat her in my lap.

    Now to see if she has any fitting robes… or to buy one before the next appointment!

  3. says

    Pretty good idea, I will have to remember this.

    @Charlotte – I’m actually fairly surprised to hear that. My father used to do A/C work for hospitals and the reason Dr. offices and hospitals are always so cold is to reduce the chance of nasty bacteria growing and spreading, a warm environment promotes the growth.

  4. Annie says

    Great timing — we tried this yesterday for the 18-month checkup, and it worked like a charm. We were waiting in the exam room for a bit, and our daughter was perfectly content reading on Dad’s lap in her never-worn terry robe.

  5. kris says

    Now I know what to do with those robes (we received two!). I was just going to wait until our 2 month old got a little older to see if she might actually need them. We even got slippers with one, they should help keep the chill at bay as well.

  6. Tiffany says

    Yikes Ryan! You’ve got me worried. Our Ped’s office is always very warm too. I thought it was to make it more comfortable for their little naked tooshies, but the thought of bacterial growth is a little scary!