New fatherhood anthology available for preorder at Amazon

As I’ve mentioned ad nauseum, one of the things I appreciate most about the conversation here at Parent Hacks is the just-about-equal participation by moms and dads. I find the gender-neutral quality of the conversation here refreshing — and eye-opening. As a mother, I’ve stumbled upon ways to create community with other moms, but it has always been harder to find a community of parents, despite knowing tons of fantastic dads who want to and are willing to talk about parenting (including my own husband). Like it or not, there’s still a gender divide (and not much modeling either) when it comes to getting beyond “You gettin’ any sleep? No? Me either.”

The challenge of finding these sorts of connections offline seem less of an issue online. Some of the most telling glimpses I’ve ever had into the mind and experience of The Dad have happened reading fatherhood-related blogs. You likely already know them — Sweet Juniper, Laid-Off Dad, Dad Gone Mad, Flagrant Disregard, MetroDad, and anything written by Stu Mark. I’m sure there are many more “conversational islands” about fatherhood I haven’t yet visited (and hope to — pointers welcome in the comments. Don’t be shy.).

The point is, getting some of this talk off the Internet and out into the world is a good and important thing. So I was very excited to read about an anthology coming out soon called Things I Learned About My Dad (In Therapy). This essay collection is written by some of the most talented authors in the parenting blogosphere — mothers and fathers — so I expect that the quality and the humor will be top-notch. A way to jump-start the conversation among parents in the book clubs and the crowds waiting at school pick-up and sitting in the bleachers. I can’t wait to read it.

(The book’s available for preorder at Amazon, which means that you get an extra 5% off at checkout.)


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    This is shameless and borderline obnoxious… but seeing as how you asked Asha, here’s my site, where I’m not “sweet,” or “mad,” or “laid-off,” or “flagrant,” or living in a “metro,” but I do write about life with the wife and our two young daughters.

    Feel free to stop by from time to time…

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    I’m excited about this book too. I stumbled upon the Dooce website ( not long ago and have been laughing my butt off ever since. It’s not for those who are easily offended though, so be warned there is some crass humor there. But her photos are stunning, her dogs and daughter are adorable, and her monthly letters to her daughter are heart breakingly beautiful.

    I wish I could write half as well.

  3. wwbd says

    I wanted to chime in and cast another vote for “cry it out: adventures of a stay at home dad”. His writing makes me cry (in a good way) quite often.

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    Depending on who you ask, fatherhood blogs is still an untapped niche or a saturated one. What do you think? As if asking this question again will clear up confusion!

    My wife bugged me to start blogging since she was pregnant with our daughter. I finally did it.

    Regardless of what the numbers are, I’m having a blast writing.

  5. Erin Morisette says

    It too enjoy “cry it out.” Another one that I have recently been turned on to is a stay-at-home dad over at

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    “Our” blog is 98% written by me, 2% by my wife.

    I have gotten into DisforDad at
    http/ Honest conversations about every from over-competition (Pinewood Derby) to saying goodbye to a departing daughter headed to her mom’s house. It’s written by a group of dads.