Instant s’mores

Thanks a lot, Debi. Now I feel the irresistible urge to run to the grocery store for fixins.

My 4 yr old daughter wanted a “marshmallow sandwich” for dessert and had her own crazy ideas of how she’d make that (when she asked for eggs, I knew we were in trouble). To improvise something that would suit her, we put a couple of mini-marshmallows in the microwave for 15 seconds, then put the gooey mess between 2 chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies. Yum!

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  1. stinkydad says

    I would never have thought of using chocolate graham crackers for s’mores -brilliant! Two other random thoughts:

    1). This works great if you do the following: put a paper towel on the microwave floor/turntable (no mess!). Break a regular graham cracker in two; put each half on the paper towel. Put a marshmallow on one, two sub-bars (the little rectangles) of a Hershey’s bar on the other. Microwave at about 80% for maybe 30 seconds (experiment). Put together and eat. Make a batch and freeze -the marshmallow becomes really chewy!

    2.) Big marshmallows get HUGE in the microwave; it is so much fun watching them magically grow (and then shrink back again), that you just *might* find your DC wanting to try the microwave unattended. With supervision, however, it can be lots of fun, if somewhat messy. Use paper plates, and they *do* stay hot for a few seconds so pause before eating!

  2. says

    When I was a Girl Scout camp counselor, we would always use the “Animal Treasures” cookies for making s’mores. They’re about 2-inches square, and have a thin layer of chocolate on the backs. The chocolate layer was thin enough that a warm marshmallow would easily melt it, and there was chocolate coverage for every bite. (very important!) It’s cookie time, so now’s your chance to stock up.

  3. says

    we do this on our overnight trips with my students if the weather is too bad (cold or precipitation) for a campfire. They love it. :-)

  4. says

    Oh oh oh. Over the summer, we started making smores with chocolate graham crackers and a smear of peanut butter. We toasted the marshmallows over the grill, and the heat from them was enough to soften the peanut butter.

  5. says

    I hadn’t thought of the peanut butter-I think I’ll try that. We make s’mores all year round by doing the following. Take the graham cracker and put it on a cookie sheet, then put a marshmallow on half of the graham crackers and put in oven for a little bit, until a little warm and then add your chocolate. You can also add the chocolate before if you hide it in the marshmallow. We do this sometimes when we want no mess. We hide one piece of the Hershey bar in a big marshmallow, then put it all together and wrap it in foil. You can then toss it in a warm oven, or you could do this over a bbq grill. Just make sure you keep turning it over.

  6. Monkey's Mom says

    We put marshmallows on top of a graham cracker in the toaster oven and toast it. The other half of the sandwich is a graham cracker spread with Nutella.

  7. says

    But the very best is to place the marshmallow on top of a Reeses cup and put the cup on a graham cracker. Can be done over a campfire or in the microwave. SO so good!

  8. Mother Mae I says

    My secret to “Winter S’mores”:
    Buy LU’s Le Petit Ecolier cookies, put 2 on a plate, marshmallow on top of 1. 25 seconds and smoosh them together – pure heaven!! Milk chocolate are the best, but the dark chocolate are a close 2nd!

  9. Kirsten says

    Another easy way is to put roasted (or microwaved) marshmallow between Keebler fudge stripe cookies. I like the taste of those better than graham crackers. The warm marshmallow melts the chocolate on the back of the cookies.