How to tell if a clementine section is seedless or not

Thank you for this, Elana — I’ve mangled hundreds of clementine sections looking for seeds!

With mandarins and clementines (the perfect sized citrus fruit for kids) in season, we’re going through tons of them in our house. I want our 13 month-old to get into them too, but I’m worried cause some have seeds (and blurgh, we don’t like seeds in fruit!). I just was giving him some sections and wasn’t sure how to find out if they contained seeds…then I held it up to the window. You see the seeds easily and just pass along the sections that don’t have any. Once again, the parent suffers for their children, eating the sections with seeds!

It’s also a little science discussion as well, looking at cross-sections of fruit and stuff. Our 6 month-old and I were looking a thin slices of radish yesterday, held up to the kitchen light.

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  1. Abigail says

    When I want to see if a Clementine or orange has seed I just cut it in half horizontaly, if it has any you can see them right away!

  2. Kate says

    I must be mean mama on the block, because I just give my son all of the sections at once, without looking at any of them. They aren’t big enough to be a choking hazard, so if he swallows them, they’ll just go right through, and if he spits them out, great.

  3. JC says

    My DH does this for himself as he can’t stand getting a seed. He just holds each Clementine slice up towards a light – which at work gets him lots of strange looks. =)

  4. Ann says

    I just bite each section in half and eat one half, pull out a seed if there is one, and give my daughter the other half. We both win.