Crib toy bag works well on the highchair, too

Emily’s got a great idea for keeping the baby toys from getting underfoot in the kitchen:

Sometimes while doing the dishes, I try to keep my daughter occupied in her high chair with various toys and books.  I found myself constantly wanting a place to store all of these items in the kitchen, rather than leaving them on the counter and all over.  My daughter’s crib bedding (like many crib sets) came with a little "toy bag" you are supposed to hang on the wall.  I instead tied this to the back of her high chair and use it to hold all of her high chair toys.  It is out of the way, accessible, and baby-themed.  You could also drape a bag with one strap over the high chair and fill it with toys as an alternative.

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  1. Jen says

    This is a great place to keep bibs. We hang ours on a brace on the back of the high chair. Easy access to just grab a bib when needed.

  2. says

    I invented a great product called the Oopsi. It is a product that every parent is going to want on their children’s car seats and high chairs. The Oopsi responds to the dilemma of children dropping items while being strapped into their car seats or high chair. It secures sippycups, stuffed animals, books and toys to the car seat buckle with a Velcro closure. By pulling on the Oopsi, children are able to retrieve items themselves, without the help of the driver or busy parent. Go to my website to view the Oopsi.

  3. Southern Mom says

    I always thought those bags were for stacking diapers. At any rate, it’s still a great hack by using a diaper stacking bag to keep toys – in the bedroom or at the highchair!

  4. Amanda says

    I use the top of an old tupperware cake container to hold kitchen toys. Flip it up and it makes a great container and frees up precious cabinet space for me. My son also likes to spend time taking the toys out and putting them back in.