19 January 2008

Cloth diapers as marital aids

Heh heh. TMI for some of you, but I love that Amberlynn sent this in:

Our shelf that holds the cloth diapers is right next to our bed (we live in a small space, no nursery or changing station) and those pre-fold cloth diapers happen to come in very handy after (those precious stolen moments of) romantic time with my husband.

I don't need to give any further details, do I?

Nope, Amberlynn. You don't.

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Sorry to say, but didn't need the details you gave much less anything more.



Cloth FTW!

My diapers are way too nice to do that with! At $15 bucks a pop, I will go get a towel. LOL


Wipes work better :D

Btw, it was worded tactfully and it *does* relate to parenting--I worry about those who become parents and forget that they're still a husband or wife--the relationship between parents (which includes intimacy) is key to children growing up feeling secure/loved and having a role model for their own future marriage.

I think we are all aware of how important it is to continue to be husband and wife. I simply do not want to know other's specifics.

*chuckles* I think that sounds like a fine idea :) After all, they're a lot softer than a regular towel, and if you're actually using cloth diapers, you know they'll be well washed after use :D

Woo hoo! A great hack. Can't stop laughing.

Baby wipes do this job far easier... ;oP

Sweet! :)

I am incredulous!!!

You mean you actually have kids AND the big S?

I would ask how you accomplish this magical business, but I get the feelings others still don't want to know. ;-D

-Mother of a 3 year old with croup and 9 month old who does not sleep (ever)

I'd have to agree with Heather G. :|

Fair enough, all. I figured not everyone would appreciate the nature of this hack (or at least not want to hear about it). What *I* appreciated about Amberlynn sending this in was that she felt comfortable enough to broach the topic of parental sex. While this may not be the place to get into big, graphic conversations about it, at least we can acknowledge it's one aspect of parenting that's complicated -- and may even benefit from a few good hacks.

If it helps, I could put a little flag in the titles of the (few) sex-related posts so those who want to avoid them can do so easily enough.

All thoughts welcome here or privately via email [hacks at parenthacks dot com]. (I may even post this comment up front if there's enough interest.)

Priceless! Tissues can actually fall apart...

Wish I would have thought of that! I turned all of mine into dusting rags. I would much rather have had them for that purpose. Unfortunately, I could probably get away with just a few of them. :-P

You go Amberlynn! Glad to hear that someone is doing the duty out there...and cleaning up after herself. ;)

I actually discovered which baby wipes I wanted to use for my son this way! I realized certain brands made me burn and I didn't want him to feel that way so I tried different brands till I found one I thought was gentle enough. (my skin is very sensitive and I break out easily from certain soaps and detergents, so I figure I'm a good litmus test for my baby's skin.)

Ditto for the babywipes! And I'm wondering how some of you even made kids to begin with...

Thanks for sharing, I think that's an awesome hack. Can't see why people are so upset, it's not like you posted a youtube video with step by step instructions. =)

Wow. I'm surprised at how prudish some of you are. Chill out, people. Maybe you're just jealous that Amberlynn is getting it on!

Wow. I'm surprised at how prudish some of you are. Chill out, people. Maybe you're just jealous that Amberlynn is getting it on!

When I was "a bit" younger I had a mature friend tell me once that real intimacy was not having sex with one's boyfriend, but it was getting a bowl of warm water and a washcloth and washing each other afterwards. If a young couple can't handle the idea, they aren't ready. If a "mature" couple can find some uninterrupted time and a cloth diaper for this intimate act, they should by all means, "go for it".

love this hack. It's real-life stuff that nobody talks about!

I love this hack because it reminds us the importance of intimacy and friendship with the only other one in the house who doesn't occasionally need their bottom wiped. I think AmberLynn was very tactfull and it was a great idea. It's really nice that she and her husband are still as close as ever, especially after a baby which can be REALLY hard on a marriage.

Big smiles, Amberlynn. A diaper (or baby wipe) is way nicer than grabbing a cast-off tube sock from under the bed for clean-up duty. Hoping we get some kid-free time ASAP to try out this hack!

definitely surprised to see this hack here.....but more shocked that people are offended by it!!

please people.....lighten up....My three are now 8,7, and 4 and my husband and I are finally coming up for air with toddlerhood behind us...feeling grateful that we managed to survive the toils that came down on the marriage in the baby years..

..lighten up people..maybe this is a hack you desperately need!

p.s.cloth diapers, tshirts, socks.......I just make sure no kid's clothing ends up in our laundry basket.....that would be icky!!!

How can you be parents, have kids, and be alarmed at this hack??? Grow up!!! It is an awsome idea. Maybe you don't clean up after.. ick!

I personally enjoy the warm wet towel afterwards very soothing and so does my hubby. It gives a sensual closure to the moment. Thanks for the idea!!!!

Okay... Adult bodily fluid management? Seriously?

I SIMPLY DON'T CARE TO KNOW how other adults clean their own genitals.

Anyone who criticizes the inclusion of this hack has been criticized as prudish- which is pretty sophomoric thinking.

It's not surprising in this culture that people would feel the hygiene habits of other adults are private matters.

Precious stolen moments?

I know exactly what you are talking about!

I used the cloth diapers (after boy outgrew them and was still napping) to dust off the scrabble board as well!

While I'm (obviously) fine with the subject matter of this hack, I agree with Adrienne -- the comments that criticize this hack aren't criticizing *sex,* or even talking about sex. They're respectfully saying they didn't want this level of detail. That's not prudish -- it's good feedback, and just the sort of discussion I encourage here.

I would ask that eveyone's comments be so respectful, no matter how they feel about the topic.

Respectfully submitted:

IMHO, Amberlynn tactfully shared a "parental" tibit without using lude nomenclature. I found it pleasantly provacative and not offensive at all. Parenting is serious business...how nice it is to be reminded of such a wonderful way we humans share ourselves with someone we care about. We ARE all adults here.

Ironically, I found Adrienne's comment made me blush more than Amberlynn's. It's curious to me how one can be put off by Amberlynn's post but so easily use the words genitals and body fluids ((Ewww)) in their response. Methinks that may be the heart of this matter, no?

Think about how much Porn is sold in this country. SOMEONE is buying it. Yet we can't have a mature, healthy dialogue about, ((SEX!)), yes, I said it. SEX! It's incredibly liberating! It's not dirty thing; it's the healthy, natural way we express love for one another. Maybe frank conversation on this topic with and without our children (age appropriate of course), not making it so taboo, would cut back on the freakish porn out there...just a thought...

Healing Mom:

I think you missed my point entirely...


I think people got your point. But the original post talked of romantic moments, while you talked of adult bodily fluid management. One of those is sexy. One of those is not. Meaning, your response actually had more (or different) capacity to gross out a reader. That you don't care to think about others and their romantic moments is fine, but one should always take care not to escalate the debate in the process.

Written with all possible respect.


Admittedly, sometimes I do miss the point. After all, I am blonde, and I am in the midst of healing (hence the name).

No hard feelings on my end...just respectful sharing of opinions.

Healing Mom

Good grief. It's a rhetorical device. All I did was paraphrase the hack to illustrate why people might find it distasteful.

Every time someone diplomatically stated that they found this hack slightly off-putting (like Heather G), they were called names and their sexual attitudes were judged. Any astute reader would be able to see that they saw the matter as HYGIENE not SEX- but the labels and personal attacks just kept coming.

*"maybe you don't clean up after (ick!)"
*"those who become parents and forget that they're still a husband or wife"

Those are some pretty hurtful statements based on MISinterpretation of the dissenters' statements.

And now:
* dissent = connections with "freakish porn"?!?

Wow. Talk about your breakdowns in discourse.

Funny! I used cloth diapers on my kids but never used them as clean-ups. But I did on occasion have thoughts of diapering my husband a few times. Pins, rubber pants, the whole works, but of course they were too small.

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