10 December 2007

The most luscious baby blanket you get to keep for yourself

Super WoobeeParents deserve blankies, too.

We're out there, fending for our kids, trying to keep all the plates spinning and the tummies full, getting pulled in opposite directions, all on little sleep and less recognition. Sometimes we just need to curl up in a little ball with something soft. Right? Am I right? Are you with me on this?

You may remember a little while back when I went on and on (and on) about the wonders of the All-Weather Woobee. (Go on, refresh your memory, then come on back here.) Problem: IT'S MEANT FOR BABIES. Oh sure, we could deprive out little children of its soft, waterproof warmth, but some tiny part of that is hard to justify, especially when they're stuck in a front pack or stroller on a winter afternoon. Many of you felt my pain, because a good number of the almost 400 (!) comments on that post wished for an adult version.


Just as scrumptious as the original, but bigger (38 x 56 inches), so it's perfect for grownups, folks in wheelchairs, or very, very lucky children in double strollers. Light the fire, spike your hot cocoa with a dash of Schnapps, and wrap yourself in this baby. It will be a happy holiday, indeed.

Because I love you, I am prepared to part with my review sample of the Super Woobee, and, yes, it is every bit as lovable as the original. So leave a comment answering the following question to get in the running to win a Super Woobee! I had so much fun reading your BabyLegs hacks, let's do it again:

What's your best Woobee hack?

Woobees are so much more than blankets! Share your creative use for the original or Super Woobee (check the Woobee website for inspiration). I'll pick one random winner to whom I shall send one absolutely beautiful Super Woobee. Because I posted this late, and I know my evening is busy tomorrow, I'll take entries till 7am PST on Wednesday 12/12. Good luck!


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Whenever I need a picture of Super Baby Taco, I like to bust out the Woobee, stick the baby in there and VIOLA!, Super Baby Taco. You'd be surprised how often I need that picture.

kiddo snuggler/parental barf shield during sick kid episodes. It's washable!

Gives "all-weather" a whole new meaning.

Mama leak barrier to protect not only from baby diaper blow-outs/leaks. . . but also eruptions from the mouth too!

As a playmat on dewey grass.

While I don't have either a baby or a Woobee, it looks like the perfect thing to have when you're hiking with a baby.

Soft and fuzzy ground blanket for the pit stops, lunch breaks, and general lounging in the sun on big rocks.

Warm and water resistant adjustable cover/baby poncho to help weatherproof baby for those sudden mountain rainstorms.

If I ever have a baby that sticks around past the first trimester, and we manage to be well adjusted enough to get out into the wild with the wee one, I'll probably splurge on this.

My Hack - keep the non-driving adult warm and comfy on those long winter car trips! The driver always likes it "too cold to fall asleep at the wheel", forcing the rest of the family to get cozy under a blanket. This one sounds like just the thing!

Indoor picnics: with a Woobee, the rugrats can spill and it just goes in the machine!

Personal. Airplane. Blanket.

1) a nursing pad for the bed in a pinch
2) A naked-time blankie--great for the kiddo to play and roll around on while going without the diaper

SuperWoobie: For when the temp dips below zero, and the office decides to turn on the a/c.

can you say "super fort?"

As a picnic/stadium blanket for soccer, football and baseball games!!

Need a super Woobee to play mama and baby Woobee.

I hate driving with my winter coat on. With the one stick shift car I find my big down coat annoying and cumbersome to maneuver in, and it always seems like the car heat kicks in right when I'm at highway speeds, leaving me either sweating to death in my coat or wrestling it off while keeping one hand on the wheel.

If I had a super woobie, I'd leave it on the slab of marble that tops my kitchen radiator, right by the back door, and then tote my warmwoobie to the car with me to keep me cozy. It would then follow me to my NYC office, where they keep the a/c on year round (my fingers were literally blue today), and then at night it would follow me to the comfy couch for cuddling under with my daughter during book time.

as a warmth device turned umbrella in those crazy all-weather toddler transfers from vehicle to destination and back.

I'd use my super woobie when whale watching by the ocean! stay warm and dry!

My 2-year old son uses any soft blankets he can locate as pretend babies. He stuffs them under his pj top and comes downstairs in the morning to explain that a baby is about to come out.

I don't know if a super woobee would work for this, but he would sure give it a try.

On rainy days I usually tuck a blanket around my girl in her front carrier and leave my rain jacket unzipped. Which is great until the wind picks up and tosses around my open jacket (it's not big enough to close around me, a baby, and a carrier) and I become cold and wet! With a super woobie I'd tie it around myself and the girl in her carrier. Let the wind flap my jacket around, my sides and back would be warm and waterproof. Along with the baby of course. :)

This looks like it would have come in handy when my boy would, inevitably, fall asleep on the walk up to meet my husband for an outside lunch break at work. It was hard to sit down and picnic with him in a carrier, but the cold grass was a sure-fire way to wake him up if I tried to put him down. This could have given us a perfect picnic spot -- for the eaters and for the sleeper!

Shielding my head and my daughter's head as we watch those soccer games in drizzly weather! :)

uh, can i post this? my super woobee hack is makin' more babiez!

Man, that would make one fan-freakin'-tastic super hero cape.

I made a promise to always, always, always carry a blanket in case a picnic breaks out.

We've been having so much rain lately that a woobie, super or no, couldn't help but be useful! I'm a librarian, so I have to suggest a shield for keeping books wet while taking them back to the library!

Tuck one end into big stuffed easy chair in living room. Drape other over the ottoman. Instant (and soft!) tent/cave/tunnel to play in.

use Woobee as a nursing cover while out to dinner or as a fashionable wrap over to wear at the theatre.

Super snuggly in front of a fire. It's egg nog time!

Super Woobee wants to live in my car for all seasons--for snuggling the kids on long cold winter drives, impromptu picnics in the park spring or fall, and spur of the moment beach afternoons in the summer.

I would use it after my kids, having given up on getting the minivan sliding door open, enter through the driver door, then climb to the back, leaving slushy, muddy bootprints on my seat. Instead of sitting on the slushy mess, I could place my beautiful woobie on it (it's weatherproof, it can take it), and drive home in comfort. I'd probably be cheerful enough to make the kids hot chocolate when we got home too, though there's no guarantee.

To keep warm at night because my wife likes to open the windows in the middle of the winter.

Be a kid again and make a super fort with your kids. Then, when you put them to bed, Mommy and Daddy can snuggle underneath and keep super warm in the winter!

In addition to the picnic idea--it would be great to lay outside on a super woobee to stargaze or watch fireworks!

Use it as a super fun bouncy parachute/trampoline for stuffed animals.

I don't really have any hacks, but I sooo want one!

Keep it with you on the go to use as a blanket, an umbrella, a changing pad, a lovey if someone needs one, a distraction for an infant, a tummy-time mat... What a way to slim down the diaper bag!

Use it for a snuggly game of peak-a-boo!

We bought one for my brother (34) when he was in the hospital doing his radiation treatments. It was a lifesaver in the hospital when he was cold and needed a little soft touch. And the washable factor came in handy as well. :)

We use a woobie (our spelling) as a makeshift seatbelt to secure our girl to the chair during mealtimes if she's extra fidgety.

My kids LOOOOVE blankets and having picnics or snuggling in them on the couch. A weather/waterproof version would be the BEST for drink dribbles and the like. And bigger is always better, right? :)

My daughter likes to be snuggled up against someone or something when she sleeps, so we sometimes roll a blanket up and place it next to her in the crib (she's a big enough girl to not suffocate). We also used to put blankets in the stroller to make it more her size, warmer and softer when she was smaller. Oh, and for my nephews they are awesome capes.

When your apartment floods while you are gone, it's the one thing that will be okay if it gets a bit wet...

Just wash it, and then you can snuggle your baby in it when his crib is full of stuff the maintenance crew piled in it and you have to carry him around the house whie you work. Keeps him warm while the heat is off and the fans are drying out the carpet!

I'm sure that in my house it will end up being used by the cat, but if I can get to it first, I'm always looking to wrap my son up in something after his bath that isn't a damp towel. Also can be used for snugglefests.

Picnics and snuggles filled with sweet baby love.

My hack - snuggling with sick kiddos in front of the TV. I had two sick little ones at home with me today and we could have used it!

While I don't YET own a Woobee, I can imagine using it to have our tea parties and lego parties on and then picking up the 4 corners to transport and dump the pieces back into the proper containers for a quick clean-up!

I SO want that blankie. Gracie (my 2 year old) inspired me to get my own blanket and crash into it after dinner- lovely. But it's a crappy blankie so I need that Woobie!

My blanket hack? When I'm not wrapped in it, it's a throw/slipcover for the couch. It's a pale teal and it brightens up the blah beige couch, hides the chocolate milk stains, and it's soft and comfy. It's made the couch into a pretty piece of furniture during the day, and my personal nest at night.

This is exactly what I need to take camping. My daughter still has trouble wetting the bed at night and it seems to ALWAYS happen when camping. One of these would be ideal to line her sleeping bag with. Oh boy do I want one....

Super Woobee Hack 101: Unordinary ways to use your extra large Woobee

*As a temporary outdoor dressing room when tethered between two chairs at the beach or poolside
*A back seat car cover protector for those very long trips
*A "super family" umbrella in case of unexpected downpours
*A body contour pillow (rolled up) during labor pains
*A makeshift blackout curtain to help afternoon naps last longer
*Or you could elect your Super Woobee to Congress to aid in impeaching Bush :)

i'd be tempted to use that super-big woobie as a makeshift tent to hide under when the going gets rough!

As a sheet protector when nursing in those early month right after birth. When leaks occur. Also for a play mat at church and a snuggly while napping. and to cover the baby and mama while the baby is in her sling or as a nursing cover. Perfect thing for when out and about and only need one thing instead of several.

Not really a hack, but this is perfect for a day at the park!

I took the corner of Pierson's woobee slipped a looped pacifier on then tied the end of the woobee in a knot. VIOLA! Woobinky: a pacifier retrieval system or binky locater.

my son needs one!! He spends so much time waiting in cold hospital/medical office waiting rooms (nasty places) this would be perfect! Not only would he be warm but No disaster would be to large for a Super Woobee! it's a spill - it's a blowout - NO It's SUPER WOOBEE to the rescue!

looks like a fantastic picnic blanket (or just napping in the park)

These are fabulous blankets! Though already mentioned, I think a great use is for when the little one is sick and this waterproof blankie and protect the sofa while keeping my little guy comfortable! :)

Snuggling up on the couch on a rainy day!

This looks like the perfect Christmas gift for my Uncle Tom who is so practical that it's hard to impress him with ANYTHING. I have a feeling this is going to be the year! He is in a wheelchair so taking this big Woobee with him everywhere or just nowhere will be a hit, I'm thinking! =)

This would be perfect for indoor picnics or playing fort in the living room!!

The best "TIme-Out" spot for Mommies!

It's not really a hack since the website promotes it - but great for wheelchair users (both kids and adults). Do you know how hard it is to fit a kid in a snowsuit into their wheelchair? Tuck this around them and cozy, cozy, cozy!

My 5 month old daughter would use the same "hack" for this she uses for everything else -- it doesn't matter what it's for, she thinks it's for chewing on! (This same hack has been used successfully on burp rags, stuffed toys, and most recently, my phone bill.)

A tactile cave! We'd defiantly set one up as a small cave to crawl through around here. The softness would make for one fun crawl experience ^-^

I see several people think along the samelines as me... PERFECT for laying on the bed for a nap together. Catches the potential nursing drips, as well as the always-potential diaper leak or spitup. SO much nicer to lay on than a rubberized mt thing!!

Looks like this would be ideal for when it has rained and the benches are just a little too wet to sit on unless you want a wet butt - nice & cozy!

To Conceal the TERROR!!! Everyday when Daddy comes home from work the ferocious Ella and Nate hide under a blanket only to scare the *snicker* unsuspecting Daddy. Looks like this would work quite nicely!

This looks like it would be great for my husband to use - he had a stroke a couple of months ago and has trouble regulating his body temperature, so he's been wanting a warm something he could throw over his shoulders without the bulk of a regular blanket.

It would make a great train for my son to pull around his "guys" - a rather large collection of ugly dolls that he lugs around everywhere. This way, they will all stay together, and no one will jump out of his arms. I suppose that after the train stops they could play in the super cozy fort that I will surely be asked to make.

makeshift crazy creek- i think it would work (let ya know for sure if i win!) tie the ends together and sit- or get crafty and sew two more ribbons on to create some sort of camping lounger

Oh man.. a Woobie.. these things sound fabulous.

I would defently use mine as a playmat for Connor especially for naked time as he gets horrible rashes and he has a tendancy to pee on the carpet.

Though the super woobie would defently go to bed with me.. and I refuse to answer what I would use it for.. but lets say Id really like Connor to have a little brother or sister.

Im blogging you

As a wonderful cover up for nursing... and a "sled" for going down the stairs when you are iced in all day, like today in KC,MO.

If I had a Woobie, my daughter would definitely use it as a cape for naked superhero time! I think that should be for Baby Woobies only, though!

The loops mean they make good peek-a-boo shields, fort walls, and puppet stages, too, when you string them up!

I can think of two uses!

1. I would nurse my baby at night and my oldest was a spewing machine, he spit up constantly so I always used a thick blanket as a pad. If the woobie is as soft as it says, it would be extra-snuggly and protects the bed!

2. On long trips, my feet would get cold! I'd love a superwoobie to wrap around my feet to keep it warm!

After reading the reviews and the website, I'm totally drooling for a super-snuggly woobie with my homemade hot chocolate. Some day, some day! :)

I would use this as a nursing cover up in snowy Wisconsin.
I also love to cover my munchkin as we run from car to store or home through the wet snow- sort of a Woobie rain protector for the baby.
Oooohhh, it's so exciting!

For the living room for my twin toddler boys to lay on when they tell me "Mommy, tired". Not-yet-nap-time-but-down-time-perfect blanket for the two of them.

put some toysin the middle and tie up the sides, this way the little ones can carry their stuff anywhere.

To delineate sibling space: one Woobee for each kid, don't trample on their property- no trespassing allowed!

Of course, I would rather use the Super Woobee for snuggling.

Besides being a super snuggler blanket while watching tv, you could use it as a car blanket! Oh, I'm wanting one of these Woobies!

I'd keep it at my desk at work...for some reason it is always about 60 degrees in here in the winter!!

It makes a great mat to play on at grandma's dog hair infested house!

Stroller snuggly for the baby. Swing snuggly for the preschooler -- she wants to swing no matter the temperature and snow? More the better!

When I was little, my Pop-pop would build forts with us on our stair case landing- great memories. The ties would make the Woobee perfect for tent building on stair landings or between chairs. It would also be perfect for windy turned rainy days at the beach in the summer- or anytime. I never remember to bring an umbrella, so a blanket would work!

Oh, the first thing I thought of is cape, for those young royalty or superheroes.

I use my regular woobee to keep my top half warm when our new baby (six weeks!) lies in bed and nurses at night. Since I like to sleep in the altogether and it's winter in Denver it can get prety cold! I just don't like our down comforter to be anywhere near her...

I don't have a woobie but it sounds like it would make a good waterproof roof for an outdoor fort? If we win we'll try it.

How about a super-warm fort :) Or maybe just some additional coverage when my toddler is stealing the blankets when we co-sleep!

Hello! What a wonderful blanket invention! It has so many various uses. I especially like the idea of using it on the beach and then in the car under wet bathing suits. Thanks for a great giveaway contest~


I would use this to cover both of my kids in the backseat! The baby is still rear-facing while my 4yo obviously is not, so a Super Woobee would keep them super warm!

I can think of two ways I would use a Super Woobee off the top of my head. First, I carry my 5 month old daughter in a sling when we are out and about (so my hands are free to hang on to the 2 year old son). In cool weather, I could tie it around us both to keep warm without the bulk of coats. The second use is for little sis to sit and play on while waiting for big brother at gymnastics or library story time.

The Super Woobee is definitely designed to be a Mighty Mouse cape. Here he comes to save the day!

A tent!

A play mat. A shawl. A warm, fuzzy place to hide from the kids when I need a moment alone. Just typical mom stuff.

As a nursing cover!!

The ultimate couch nap. Zzzz Zzzz

A perfect cover-up at the beach!! Also good for staying warm on the way to the car after infant swim classes in the winter.

to keep warm at night. with our old house, i need a Super Woobee

This would be the best thing for Mommy time naps when everyone else is crashed somewhere else.

I need a Super Woobee to put on the bleachers at the Florida State football games.

My 20 month old is obsessed with blankets and she would LOVE this one! Thanks for the chance to win!

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