Super Woobee winner!

Super WoobeeCongratulations, Jessie! You win the Super Woobee! I guess the rest of us are going to have to return a few gifts so we can buy our own. Because who can resist a product that can do all these things?

  • Kid snuggler
  • Barf shield
  • Beach and picnic blanket
  • Coverup that promotes private marital, uh, harmony
  • Car lap blanket
  • Super fort
  • Whale-watching and stargazing accessory
  • Superhero cape
  • Makeshift drizzle-guard
  • Seat cover
  • Soft-touch blanket for folks in hospitals, wheelchairs, and nursing homes
  • Lego catch-all
  • Couch slipcover
  • Camping gear
  • Woobinky: tied to a pacifier
  • Choo-choo for stuff animals
  • Stairway sled
  • Puppet theater
  • Ball-thrower
  • Protection during rainy sports events
  • Photo backdrop

Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas. So fun to read!


  1. jessie says

    hey, there are 2 of us jessie’s who have posted! which is the winner? my post was :

    use Woobee as a nursing cover while out to dinner or as a fashionable wrap over to wear at the theatre.

    Posted by: jessie | Dec 10, 2007 4:29:08 PM

    was it me or the other jessie?


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