Simple holiday traditions

What a pleasure it has been to read about your favorite simple holiday traditions! The music, the cards, the food, the tree, the Menorah, the candles, the Advent calendar, the dreidels, the neighborhood light displays…it was enough vicarious warmth to last me all month. So many touching stories of traditions, old and new. If you have some free time, read through the comments (most are attached to the post but some also showed up under the original review). You’re sure to be inspired.

A few of your stories really popped out:

  • Lee’s family hides an almond in the rice pudding. Whoever finds the almond wins the prize, and has to provide the prize next year.
  • Serena’s family sings the blessings over the Hanukkah menorah with her mom and sister joining in via speakerphone.
  • Christel’s family eats Chinese food every Christmas Eve. And here I thought that was a Jewish tradition.
  • Melvin the Elf creeps around Jill’s family’s house and reports back to Santa with updates on the kids’ behavior.
  • Matt’s family plays an ingenious rhyming game to guess their presents.
  • Adrienne and Jim eat an annual gas station hot dog.
  • Hot Wife and Dad Gone Mad participate in a latke (potato pancake) contest…the winner of which receives the Golden Grater.
  • Jen’s family makes and delivers dog biscuits to the neighborhood canines.
  • Toblerone’s family spends part of Christmas Eve delivering treats to those who have to work that night…nurses, firemen, airport personnel…
  • Amanda’s family makes Christmas ravioli out of leftover Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Gina’s family plays “Hide the Pickle.”

Thanks to all of you who commented. And now, for the winners of The Daring Book For Girls!

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