Sanitize pacifiers while on the go

I’ll bet Sarah’s son had the best breath in playgroup:

Here’s a tip on keeping binkies (pacifiers) somewhat clean in public.  My son would never tolerate his binky being clipped to his person, so I was forever picking up, rinsing (or sometimes not!) and plugging him back in.  Then I started carrying a small, watertight snack container filled with water and a dash of Listerine mouthwash in the diaper bag.  Then when a binky hit the floor, I just popped it into the container, closed the lid and shook for a few seconds.  The Listerine has an antiseptic that kills any germs that made it onto the pacifier in the 3.2 seconds it was on the floor.


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  1. Audryn says

    How funny – I was just going to send in a similar suggestion. During our latest trip I didn’t trust the hotel’s super-smelly hand soap, so I used the freebie mouthwash to disinfect the kid’s binkie. Rinsed afterwards to get rid of any alcohol residue, though…

  2. Beth says

    I have to say I was taken aback by this suggestion. There’s enough bad chemicals and alcohol in Listerine that I would never put a pacifier coated with even a diluted solution of it in my baby’s mouth. My solution has been to not let my baby suck on her nookie except in her crib, which I realize all babies won’t tolerate, but why not just carry a bit of water? Kids put their unsterilized hands in their mouths all the time, so sterilization seems a bit like overkill.