Play BAM! to get the kids to clean up quick (and have fun doing it)

Bill’s got the trick for getting kids to clean up their toys:

This hack is aimed mainly at small children, since their toys are designed to take a beating. Also, not for the noise-intolerant. :-)

To get my kids (3 and 5) to put their toys away (typically in some sort of toy box), we play a game I call "Bam!" which involves grabbing everything on the floor and hurling it into the toy box while yelling "BAM!" as loud as you can. They love it, especially if you join in the racket with them. Takes about 30 seconds to completely clean a 12 x 12 room.

You may want to explain to your children that this is for "at home" only, not during playdates, day care, kindergarten, etc, when others may not take this behavior the way it was intended. :-)


  1. says

    We have been playing this for a long time now, but it takes us lots longer to play as my kiddos don’t want to throw big groups in. They like to do it one or two toys at a time.

    Still fun though, they crack up the whole time and yell as loud as they can. Helps with getting all the energy out before bed, or nap time, or just for a rainy day when were cooped up inside.

  2. says

    My sister and I made up our own clean up game. It was called “Super Fast Motion.” I really felt like we were getting things cleaned up really, really fast. Mom says that we just ran around and screamed a bunch. The BAM game sounds fun, though!

  3. says

    We played this tonight and it was a hit! My favorite part? I started saying, “you gotta bam-it!” which is now a GREAT cover just in case one of my kids lets out the word “dammit” in public. hee hee

  4. Christian Pearce says

    We play the who can clean up faster. Teaching a kid it is okay to throw anything seems like a bad idea. My friend encouraged something similar now they can’t get him to stop. Last time I was over he took a rock from outside and threw it at the window of the house. He is only 2.

  5. says

    Great Idea! Tried this the other night and it worked great. The only problem was all the “Bammmg!” scared my 7 month old. I have to teach my 3 year old to be a little less aggressive. Thanks for the great tip!

  6. Rae says

    we do something like this only I got it from the t.v. show Little Bill. It might be a alternative to those who cannot stand too much noise. It is zippity-zooing the room. Your child picks up an item such as a sock and says “sock sock sippity zock… 1.2. zippity zoo” (changing the item name to have a z in front e.g sock changes to zock) and while they chant this they are suppose to move to the place where the item belongs… in this case the hamper. My four year old loves this game and it is funny to hear the different words that that we make up!

  7. Rae says

    This might be a good alternative.. we got it from the t.v. show Little Bill. It is called “zippity zooing” the room. The child picks up an item from the floor or where ever and then says “(item name), (item name), zippity (item name with a z for the first letter)… 1.2. zippity zoo”
    For example: “sock, sock, zippity zock.. 1.2. zippity zoo”
    As the child says this they move to the place where it needs to be. For added “fun” we see if my four year old can get her clothes to the laundry room by the time she is done saying the rhyme. It works for pretty much everything.