Parent Hacks admin: Holiday peace

We’ve come to the end of another year together, and, as usual, I’m feeling rather reflective. 2007 has been a butt-kicker for my family in many ways, so to give a cheerful holiday letter-style wrapup just won’t cut it. What I will say is that I’ve learned more about parenting, acceptance, and strength this year than I have in all the years previous, even Year 1 with a newborn.

But extreme challenge has a way of making space for extreme gratitude. I’ve learned things about my family and myself that I never would have without this last year. I’ve discovered dear friends and amazing teachers and incredible doctors.

And then there’s you. You inspire me to look at my own parenting with clear eyes (when I can), and you remind me how much we all need each other as we find our way with our children. Thank you, thank you for sharing all you do here.

I’ll be making my contribution to family harmony (mine and yours!) by taking a hack-posting break between Christmas and New Year’s. We all deserve a little vacation from our computers — and the gift of living in the present, physical moment.

May yours be full of joy, or rest, or music, or silence, whatever it is you need. I’ll see you again in the new year!


  1. sophie spence says

    Thank you for your hard work here on our behalf. Best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous, and much less challenging 2008.

  2. Kari says

    “Extreme challenge has a way of making space for extreme gratitude”; that may be one of the best things I have read in your emails. Maybe it’s even a “hack” or “hacking it” (merriam webster defines: to manage successfully). So, to manage challenge successfully, we must try to find gratitude along the way. Perhaps not because of the challenge but in the strange blessings that come even in the midst of the challenge.

    So, blessings to you in 2008. I send this with a prayer for you and your family, and for all of us parents out there, trying to “hack it.”