Parent Hacks admin: Improved site search and comment spam update

The silver lining that comes with technical problems is that it often prompts you to find a better solution. Thanks to a little code switching and helpful pointers from AJ at Thingamababy, Parent Hacks now sports a new flavor of Google site search that does a much better job than the old version. Give it a spin! (The search box sits in the top-right corner of the site.)

Regarding the problem of TypePad blocking some of your comments as spam, they are on it as am I. Hopefully this problem will go away as they refine their filters. I’m now monitoring the spam trap there, so if your comment gets blocked, just let me know (email me with the words “comment help” in the subject line and the name you used when you commented) and I’ll publish it from here.


  1. The TypePad Team says

    Hi Asha –

    An update and an apology from the TypePad team.

    As detailed in this Everything TypePad blog post (, we fixed the overzealous anti-spam filter yesterday. You and your readers should be able to comment as normal now. We sincerely apologize for interrupting the conversation on Parent Hacks and are putting in place some processes to make sure that if the anti-spam system tries to get too aggressive again, we can dial it back more quickly.

    Please do let us know how we’re doing, and get in touch using the help ticket system if you need any assistance.

    Sarah Sosiak
    Product Manager, TypePad