Paper clips as ornament hooks

Ornament hooksChristmas decorating in true hacker fashion. From Duane:

Inevitably each year you’re left with ornaments that have no hook to hang it on.  Sure you can buy those packages of hooks, but you end up with 500 when you really need 5, and next year you can never find them.  Know what works?  Paper clip.  You’re far more likely to have some of them lying around, and they’re just about as cheap.  Bend it, hang it, done.

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  1. peggy says

    My mother always did this when I was young. She also liked to use elastic cord to grip the branches on ornaments that would fall off.

  2. Sandy says

    I can’t stand those metal hooks! They always get tangled up, caught in the carpet, or lost. I threw mine away years before I even had kids, and just use 1/8″ red, green or white ribbon, or some thin gold cording. And as a bonus, once you’ve tied a loop of ribbon or cord onto your ornament, it never falls off!

  3. says

    I also dislike those metal hangers. One or two always got lost in the shag carpet and laid in wait.

    They don’t seem as easy for toddlers or older infants to manipulate. We opted for yarn loops this year. The lark’s head knot is really useful for this (I put a video on my blog to illustrate this knot- just click on my name below to get there).

    Thanks for the vlogging inspiration with this post!