Creepy, irritating children’s books

It’s amazing how well-aligned our opinions are about creepy or just plain irritating children’s books. And here I thought Hayley and I were the only ones who had a problem with Big Nutbrown Hare! Based on your comments, Parenthackers’ least favorite books are: Love You Forever (creepy!) Guess How Much I Love You (oneupmanship!) The […]

Make a pomander or an ornament out of an orange

Mmmm, smells good. From Katherine: Take one orange (or clemantine, or whatever… but full-size oranges smell nicer) and stick whole cloves into it, pointy end through the skin.  You can lay these out to make a picture, or abstract lines, or whatever, and it smells heavenly (try setting one on the fireplace mantle or near […]

Organizing a collective gift for your daycare providers

May's simple solution for treating her daycare helpers: There are about 5 or 6 people that care for my kids in some capacity at the daycare. Trying to buy gifts for everyone is a sure-fire way to generate hurt feelings. So instead, I buy the center a gift certificate to a pizza place. Everyone likes […]

Salvage batteries when weeding out old toys

I had a DUH moment when reading Duane’s hack and realizing how many perfectly good batteries I’ve thrown away: If you’re like us, part of the approaching holiday season is weeding out the older toys to make room. Before you go putting toys into the attic (or trashing them), take a second to take out […]

Xeko and Bella Sara winners!

Thank you to all who shared their stories of childhood collections. Isn’t it funny to think about what we considered valuable back then? And now onto our winners: The Xeko game goes to Tiffany (lover of Breyer horses), and the Bella Sara cards go to Susanne (one-time collector of Cabbage Patch Dolls). Congratulations! Email me […]

Gift idea for Dad: Sharpie-embellished wallet

Brian's daughter used Sharpies to craft a unique gift for Dad: My "parent hack" turns out to be the brainchild of my, well, child. I recently bought a new wallet. It's a simple tri-fold style, made of cotton-poly blend (as opposed to a leather wallet). The wallet itself is a light tan color. My daughter […]

Paper clips as ornament hooks

Christmas decorating in true hacker fashion. From Duane: Inevitably each year you’re left with ornaments that have no hook to hang it on.  Sure you can buy those packages of hooks, but you end up with 500 when you really need 5, and next year you can never find them.  Know what works?  Paper clip.  […]

Working at home while the kids are on holiday break


Guest post by our friends at Work It, Mom!, a wonderful community site for working moms. School vacation is fast approaching and daycares are getting ready for their holiday break — which means that if you have to get some work done during the holidays you’ll be doing it at home with your little ones […]

links for 2007-12-20

MetroDad: The Juggle: Parent Hacks for the Inherently Lazy There’s no reason to be embarassed, MD. After all, we’re the folks who describe how we pee in public restrooms while holding babies!