21 December 2007

Organizing a collective gift for your daycare providers

May's simple solution for treating her daycare helpers:

There are about 5 or 6 people that care for my kids in some capacity at the daycare. Trying to buy gifts for everyone is a sure-fire way to generate hurt feelings. So instead, I buy the center a gift certificate to a pizza place. Everyone likes it and it was easy. A winner in my book.

Anyone else have winning groups gifts?

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We buy a cheesecake (or two) for the daycare.

We pool cash. Nothing better than cash.

The last two years, I gave an Edible Arrangement (a strange hybrid of a fruit basket/flowers- they're fruit cut into shapes and arranged like a bouquet) for the center to share.

I gave a basket full of granola bars and energy bars to the pool staff at the YMCA. They give lessons from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. so I thought the teachers and lifeguards would appreciate a healthy snack. I made a similar basket for the teachers at my kids' preschool, knowing they all use the same lunchroom.

I've given a gigantic fortune cookie. It's not a healthy gift, but it's a fun treat for all. You can order them from Good Fortune's on the web, but you must use Internet Explorer to order.

Oh man, I needed this discussion about a week ago.

Ava (and all): As I was publishing this, I thought (with a thud), "ugh, I should have posted it earlier." Sorry my timing was off, folks.

fwiw, I just gave all of my kids' teachers packs of hand-printed thank you notes as holiday gifts. (My kids made their own gifts, but I wanted to give them something as well because they've been such a help to me this year.) I figured teachers always need thank you notes, and the gift itself was the message I wanted to convey. They all loved them.

sorry but i don't agree on the group pizza party
when i worked in preschools and daycare it was so much fun to bring home the gifts from the parents and open them

i had bath gel to last me for years, things i would never buy myself
but no more mugs, teachers do not need any more mugs!

we've given subway platters for the past two years. i also take drinks, chips, and cookies. they really like it!

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