Make a pomander or an ornament out of an orange

Mmmm, smells good. From Katherine:

Take one orange (or clemantine, or whatever… but full-size oranges smell nicer) and stick whole cloves into it, pointy end through the skin.  You can lay these out to make a picture, or abstract lines, or whatever, and it smells heavenly (try setting one on the fireplace mantle or near a hot-air vent). 

To make it into a Christmas tree ornament, before sticking in the cloves, tie a ribbon around the orange (top to bottom, then make a cross with the fabric and go back up the sides — like wrapping a box), then make a tight knot at the top of the orange, and a loop above that.  Next, add your clove studs.

The orange will actually still be edible on Christmas morning (if that’s your thing…). 


  1. Jay says

    These things are also used as projectile weapons by my husband’s ex, “Crafty Mary” who likes the “sauce” along with crafting…the holidays are so much fun! To this day, 5 years later, he is still traumatized by the sight of oranges and cloves!

  2. Dana says

    Let me offer a piece of advice. I have made a number of pomanders and recommend that you poke holes in the orange with a nut picker (or other pointed object) before inserting the cloves. Will save your finger tips.