links for 2007-12-24


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    Asha after seeing this I went to the TED website, legendary and a conference to which I’ve always wanted to go. Although I really didn’t have the time to do it, I was so struck by the dearth of women on the first two speakers pages that I counted through all 14 pages and (I may be off by one or two because I was doing it in my head) counted only 34 women among the 161 speakers. We both know there are plenty more who could have qualified and thrilled an audience. I guess because I have coveted attendance at this gathering for so long that it’s particularly painful to see such odds. It comes to something like 21%. Pretty depressing in these first days of yet another year of “progress”. I always thought my kids’ generation would end all this – maybe it will take until your kids are booking the speakers. Damn.