Laundry room pegboard holds missing socks

Gisela’s answer to the Riddle of the Missing Sock:

I can’t take credit for this hack; I read it somewhere, but I’ve forgotten where.  I used to keep a drawer full of socks missing their partners after doing the laundry–I would take all the leftover single socks, throw them in the drawer, and go through it every few months to match up, toss, or use for crafts.  After hearing about this hack, I had to give it a try–so far it’s working great.  I got a large pegboard for the laundry room and a bunch of hooks, and whenever I find an extra sock I hang it up on the pegboard.  Then when I find its mate a few loads later, it’s easy to spot at a glance which sock matches.  This has been especially helpful for those tiny infant/toddler socks that get caught up in sheets and other clothes.

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  1. Amy Michelle T. says

    We currently have a wicker basket (because we have too many and don’t know what to do with them) to accomplish this task, but I love the idea of a pegboard. What a great way to quickly figure out if you have a match! I think I’ll put this in my list-o-things to do for the new year.

  2. says

    I like to put all my baby’s socks in lingerie bags to wash, because they get lost so easily inside the fitted sheet, etc. Inevitably some socks still get separated though, and this method suggested, of the peg board, is a great idea for finding the mates again before the child outgrows the socks, or you misplace the other one.