How to keep sleeves from getting bunched up in jackets? Talk amongst yourselves.

Holly wonders:

I wish I had a hack for this, and I’m sure somebody does — how do you keep your baby’s sleeves on a long-sleeved shirt from getting all bunched up and frumpy when you put the coat on?? For my 2 year-old, I encourage her to grab the ends of her sleeves as I help her into the jacket. Baby sister just isn’t up for that yet, though. So I wind up either putting her in short-sleeves (brrrr…) or trying to get a couple fingers fished up her jacket sleeve to pull that shirt sleeve down from her shoulder. Any ideas?

Funny, Hedra suggested BabyLegs as the solution for this very problem. I always stuck my hand into the coat sleeve at the wrist and tugged baby’s arm (and shirt sleeve) through. Worked for me, but I’m sure someone has a better idea. Hmm?


  1. Kate says

    If you buy a jacket with a slippery nylon inside layer, there’s no need for a hack…sleeves just slide through. Ours is from L.L.Bean…I thought it was outrageously priced when I bought it, but the size 12-18 mos. has fit my son from 10 mos. to 2 years, and no sign of outgrowing it yet, so it was a great buy in the long run.

  2. says

    Echoing the rubber band idea — I like to use elastic hair ties for things like this instead of rubber bands, so that if any sweet baby skin gets stuck in there, it’s not as painful. (Elastic hair ties work great for almost anything that a rubber band can do, unless you really need the grabby rubber stuff.)

  3. says

    Turn the jacket sleeve inside out (push it in through the jacket). Stick your hand through the inside out sleeve (from the outside of the jacket) and grab your child’s hand just behind their wrist, where their shirt is. Pull your arm out of the sleeve, which has the effect of turning the sleeve right-side-out with your child’s longsleeved shirt unbunched but completely inside the sleeve.

    Also makes it easy to get your child’s jacket on if they’re fighting trying to put their arm in the sleeve, as you’re guiding it onto them the entire way, and they can’t really pull their arm out of the sleeve the way they can when you’re trying to push their arm into the sleeve.

  4. says

    Mine takes a bit longer but it’s fun in the end.

    I take a small safety pin and a 2in slice of ribbon and attach it to each sleeve when getting my youngest’s clothes together on jacket days. I have them in a a little basket in the living room so I can grab them quickly. Then when its jacket time (which is usually fairly shortly after time to get dressed.I don’t know that I’d leave them on for long periods of time)

    When putting the jacket on I push the arm in the sleeve with the ribbon pointing down and then reach up the sleeve of the jacket and pull the ribbon. My boys think the ribbon tickles them as it goes down the sleeve.

    After we get the jackets on, off comes the ribbon. I tuck them in my pocket for use again when were out.

    I use the really small safety pins, but baby diaper pins would be good if you wanted to just leave the ribbon on after putting the jacket on. That way the baby couldn’t pull them off. As sometimes those tiny pins are easy to pull apart.

    Oh and about the ribbon, I warmed the ends so that they would melt and wouldn’t fray. I’ve been using them for years.

  5. says

    i used to just reach my hand up in the cuff and pull their little hands thru sleeves and all…..I also found that they were eager to master the trick of holding onto their own cuffs…….nobody likes bunchy sleeves!

  6. gbich says

    In response to Brandy’s hack, what about using binder clips instead of safety pins? Might be a little quicker and less likely to stick a wiggling kid.

  7. Maelyn says

    When my daughter removes her jackets/sweaters, they all end up inside out anyhow. I leave them inside out so when we put them back on, I just stick my hand down through the arm, grab her wrist/sleeve, and pull it on right side out! No bunched up sleeves, and no toddler/baby wrangling…plus she thinks its an amazing trick!

  8. Laura says

    I put the jacket over my hand from the cuff, then grab baby’s arm and sleeve and guide her hand out to the end of the sleeve of the jacket. I think that’s what mamajud is describing. It’s fast and very easy.

  9. Laura says

    I put the jacket over my hand from the cuff, then grab baby’s arm and sleeve and guide her hand out to the end of the sleeve of the jacket. I think that’s what mamajud is describing. It’s fast and very easy.

  10. sld says

    I think I do the same as Laura – put my hand in the jacket cuff, then hold baby’s hand AND shirt cuff as I pull the arm through the jacket sleeve. I suppose it also helps that the baby’s shirt sleeves are often too long and the extra material I would normally roll up gets held in place by the jacket cuff.