Gift idea for Dad: Sharpie-embellished wallet

Brian's daughter used Sharpies to craft a unique gift for Dad:

My "parent hack" turns out to be the brainchild of my, well, child.

I recently bought a new wallet. It's a simple tri-fold style, made of cotton-poly blend (as opposed to a leather wallet). The wallet itself is a light tan color. My daughter saw it and said mentioned how "plain" it looked to her. She asked if she could decorate it.

So, while on vacation, my wife and I brought a set of Sharpie markers (they come in every color imaginable nowadays). My two daughters spent the better part of one morning decorating my wallet.

Every time I use it, it is a great reminder of that trip, and I've received a number of comments on how cool it is.

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  1. Peeved Michelle says

    My kid is just a baby so she won’t be much help, but I was planning to do the same with my husband’s luggage. Everyone has red luggage nowadays and his is looking worse for the wear with lots of business travel. I was going to decroate his bags with Sharpies to hide the wear and make them more distinguishable on the luggage carousel.

  2. Zed says

    I loved your comment, Peeved Michelle. Just be sure that you are willing to give up the luggage (or go to plan B) if it doesn’t turn out to your husband’s liking. My dad dyed our yellow luggage brown with RIT dye when my brother and sisters and I were very young. It didn’t turn out at all how he had planned, but for the next 12 years our family had to travel with greenish puke-colored bags anyway. Ew.

  3. Stephanie says

    At my 1st Grader’s almost sleepover, we used Sharpies to decorate pillowcases. The girls loved the activity and it was less messy than fabric paints.

    Stephanie L.