Childproof your Christmas tree with jingle bells

David childproofed his Christmas tree by installing a festive "toddler alarm system:"

My wife and I have a very inquisitive (and smart) 2 year old boy and a large artificial Christmas tree. We were concerned that he might be tempted to explore when we pulled the tree out of storage and he started chanting "climb it, climb it". We secured the tree with wire so that it would not fall if he did get adventurous but we wanted to be alerted if he tried anything just the same. Our solution: we bought some large jingle bells at our local craft store (the kind you use to make wreaths, etc) and hung them on the tree like regular ornaments. They have the following advantages:

1) They look festive.
2) They don’t break.

and most importantly…

3) They jingle whenever little hands touch the tree.

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  1. Janis says

    We did the same thing for our puppy. We put a small bell on her collar so we would know where she was when we started to let her roam a bit more in the house.