BabyLegs winners

Thank you for all of your fantastic BabyLegs hacks! Here are just a few ways people use them:

  • Great instead of pants when it’s time for shots
  • All-purpose arm and leg coverup
  • As a bottle-grip (keeps the bottle warmer, too!)
  • For covering the knees of crawlers
  • Under pants as less-bulky long underwear
  • As an arm warmer for a nursing mom
  • As dress-up princess gloves
  • To mind the gap between the bottoms of pants and the tops of socks
  • As a hand muff
  • As a headband
  • To hold plastic grocery bags
  • For covering bandages or making compresses
  • As a spit-catcher for Mom and Dad

Bonus: click over to read Amie’s list of BabyLegs ideas. Must be read in the original. Same with Bryan’s. A vase cozy?

Bonus #2: Jessica’s and Kate’s idea of using old wool socks with the toes chopped off as homemade “warmers.” Smart people.

And now, for onto my eight BabyLegs winners:

Email me with your mailing addresses and I’ll get those out to you next week!


  1. says

    I am loving baby legs right now! We are using them to potty train my son. He wears his big boy undies and baby legs- that’s it. It’s quite a sight to see but totally effective. He doesn’t have as much to pull down and not having an extra absorbent layer makes him feel less like he has a diaper on. 9 days in and it is going really well! (don’t worry- he wears pants when we leave the house!)