06 December 2007

BabyLegs: More than just baby leg warmers


Baby leg warmers? Who would think that such a simple, obvious idea would be such a godsend? Nicole Donnelly, apparently. Not only did she come up with the idea to keep her daughters' legs warm during "nakedy time," she has built a hugely successful company called BabyLegs out of her simple invention.

I first came across BabyLegs at Baby Loves Disco, at which guests got to take home a free pair. No one could resist the table covered with tiny leg warmers in every conceivable color and pattern. I snagged a rainbow pair for my daughter, and she has been wearing them ever since (and she's 4 years old -- a petite 4, but still).

The real utility comes if your kid is still in diapers -- think "crotchless leggings." Diaper changes are a breeze, and early potty-trainers will find it easier to pull down their pants wearing these underneath as a layer rather than long underwear or tights. There must be fifty other uses for these wonderful, versatile little cuties, and not just for babies, either. Ergo, the question for today's giveaway:

What's your BabyLegs hack?

Mine is to use them as minimal PJs for my daughter who prefers to sleep in the buff, even on frigid nights. All other ideas welcome, including hacks for older kids and adults. Answer in the comments to enter to win one of eight pairs of lovely BabyLegs from the new Organic line. Be sure to let me know your kid's gender -- I've got at least four gender-neutral patterns here. So cute. I'll announce the winners tomorrow evening! Good luck!

[Update 12/7/07, 5:10pm PST: I've closed comments as of now, but have to head out for a family occasion so can't do my random drawing till later this evening. Sorry to keep you waiting! I'll post the winners at the latest tomorrow morning. Thank you to all who entered! -- Asha]

Your comments

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I don't have a pair of these yet but have been thinking about it as its soooo cold here in New England. I carry him to and from the car (its easier then the walking battle in the am trying to get to work and I only have to worry about me slipping) and his pant legs go up and expose him to the cold air. Also, I plan on using them during potty training. They will keep his little legs warm while making it easier on both of us to get his trainers/pull-ups on and off.

I've not heard of Baby Legs until today but they sound amazing.I can think of so many uses. Like shot time at the doctor instead of pants. I'm sure all of us can attest to the struggle to redress a baby when they've just been stuck in the leg several times. And here in Atlanta it typically doesn't get cold enough to warrant full cold weather gear so this would be great in lieu of tights, etc. And so much easier to change a diaper than tights.

My daughter has several pairs of footless sleepers. (Great for new walkers so that the don't slide around on wood floors) They were great in the summer, but now that it's winter, I want her feet covered at night.

I put on socks and then pull the baby legs up over the socks & up to her knees. The socks stay on all night & I like that she has an extra layer of warmth.

I have 9mo old twins (boy and girl). So far I only have a pair for my daughter, and have only used them on her legs the "normal" way... BUT eventually I plan to stock up on these puppies! I plan to use them as tights (with socks over them for a cute trendy look), under short sleeve shirts for the "layered" look and keep arms warm, I actually spent an evening with them on MY arms (almost a fingerless glove warmth).

My Hack comes after losing one of my Babylegs...I now use the solo one in my minivan to hold plastic grocery bags...I just pull a bag out one at a time for all the trash accumulate!

Wow, so many great ideas! We love baby legs. I didn't have the time to read all the comments so someone might have mentioned these ideas:
1. They were fantastic for potty training. My daughter wanted to be in just underpants most of the time, so baby legs kept her warmer. And when she protested that the seat was cold, I'd pull them way up over her thighs.
2. We are now wearing them during dance class instead of tights. My daughter is 3 and I don't want to buy her ballet slippers (yet). But she can't dance in tights cuz they are too slippery. Baby legs are the answer.

I've never owned a pair, but with a potty training toddler boy and a just starting to crawl baby boy these would be great! Keep legs warm while using the potty, not to mention no fuss with pants AND keep little ones knees safe from the carpet while making diaper changes a breeze! Wow! These sound like a dream come true!

I do not have a pair yet to give a great hack, but I'm sure they would keep two little legs warm here in the Midwest!

Well, if I had some, I'd love for my DD to wear them to ballet. And when I did have them, it sure made diaper changes a breeze! We use cloth diapers, so pants can get kind of bulky on my little guy. BabyLegs were perfect until his little legs got too chunky. But now he's thinned out, and we'd love to win either a girl or boy pair!!

We have several pairs of shorts that were too big on Lucy last summer but fit her now. We use BabyLegs under them and wha-la...a winter outfit!

These are great for crawling outside and not getting scratched up knees! My daughter has avoided lots of boo boos by wearing baby legs!

We haven't tried them yet either, but all this talk of using them for ages makes me think that you could make a cute little lovey or softie from BabyLegs once they're too worn for "regular use." My little boy would love to try them!

I think these would be awesome for our son who just started potty training. His poor legs are red from being exposed in the dry cold weather, and if he has an accident, it stings his skin:( If he had some babylegs, he could just wear them around the house with his underwear. Plus, no fussing with pants and belts when he is in a mad rush for the potty.

Don't own any babylegs yet, but have been looking at them for a while. I love how versatile they are. I would probably use them for bedtime and during the cold winter months as an extra layer.

We've had these since our 2 year old was small-

they make it easy to "dress up" the baby for the holidays- we have a pair of black ones with sparkly stars that we used when our oldest was one month old at New Years, and a pair of shamrocks for St Patrick's day, etc.

Now that he's two, he can be pretty demanding about what clothing he wears. The baby legs make it possible to let him choose his clothes (VERY important for a two year old) but still keep him warm... he wants to wear his short- sleeved fish shirt when it's snowing? A pair go on his arms. He wants to wear his linen pants with his favorite buttons? on his legs they go.

We even got him a pair of rainbow ones for him to wear to the gay pride festival...

Baby Legs are great for keeping baby's legs warm if their pants ride up a bit when you're carrying them in a sling. I wish they'd had them when my oldest was a baby, but I'm so glad they're available for my younger kids!

I have a pair that I use as T-shirt extenders (arm warmers) for my two year old. My daughter has a bunch of super cute T-shirts that she loves to wear all year round, but hates putting a turtleneck or long sleeve shirt underneath. These do the trick!

Wit hthree kiddos from 7 to 10 months they have come in handy for all. arm warmers, leg warmers, knee protectors, making baby wearing more comfortable, under clothes for warmth....sometimes I sneeak them on my feet with my toes out so that I can paint my toe nails and still have warm feet.

The wee lass will get the most use from them since she can grow with them.

I haven't had a chance to read all of these great comments - but I could see the babylegs as really handy when I take Eleanor out in our sling or baby bjorn thingy - her pants always ride up and she gets chilly (especially out here in Colorado!) and these leggings would probably be much more secure. What a great invention!!

well i guess i can kiss my "invention" of baby knee pads goodbye! i wish i knew about these this past summer when my kid was crawling in shorts/dresses at the shore. They are adorable (and so is the baby model, too cute!)

My daughter has only one pair and I would love another! She uses hers to bridge the gap in her pants. She has an 18-24 months length and a 12-18 month waist and 2 1/2! Needless to say, pants are a disaster and it is only going to get worse when she isn't wearing pull-ups in a few more weeks. I'm not sure how I am going to keep her pants up other than wearing the "capri" 12-18 months with babylegs underneath. Thanks!

These would be great for our baby girl who is just thinking about crawling! Hope we win:)

we use these under dresses instead of tights - sooooo much easier.

my wife has been looking for something like this for our 3mo old little girl! great!

We could go with boy (4 months) or girl (3 1/2 years). My daughter likes to use hers as armwarmers and, uh, dolly tube dresses. They also come in handy for parents who forget gloves and need to scrape ice off the windshield...

When inevitably in the middle of winter my toddler decides she NEEDS to wear her favorite Cars T-shirt, baby legs keeps her arms warm!

Two things:

-- Keep the baby's hands off bandages, eczema patches, etc.

-- Keep in warm or cold compresses

I keep my house a little cooler than most, and would love a pair for when the grandkids come over!

I don't have a pair of real Babylegs yet. My hack is that I've been making them out of women's knee socks for my daughter and other babies I know. I love them paired with onesies and under dresses.
It would be great to win a real pair, though!

I have a couple of things, though I may have already been beaten to them... They are great for baby armwarmers too - like when baby's sleeve just wont stay down. You can even pull them over baby's hands like makeshift mittens for those trips to and from the car. They are also great for covering baby's ankles when she wears pants. My daughters pants are ALWAYS riding up and exposing her ankles and these help combat "ankle freeze" :)

Useful with cloth diapers (bigger bum), especially when you're about to jump sizes - the next size up fits better with a cloth diaper and leggings to take up some of the space. (we live in Northern Canada, where it's all about layers)

These are such a great product. My daughter has been using hers since she was a baby. as an infant she wore them under pants to keep warm that area just above the sock where the pants ride up when sitting in a car seat. She still uses them as tights under skirts and dresses and as leggings for her dance class. These are also great in summer when wearing sandals as they do have any feet.

My son is a onesie-only baby... usually! At three months old he already knows what he likes, and what he hates! He loves his Snugli that I carry him around in! Unfortunatly with it going from hot to cold so quickly here... Getting those pants and coats on and off when he's in his carrier just doesn't make sense! We bought our first two pairs of babylegs last month- and have been using them on his chubby legs and arms ever since!! It makes going from hot indoors, to cold outdoors a cinch with avoiding his hate of pants and tops without getting him in and out of our carrier!

My hack is, the car seat I have scratches her lil legs and is hard to buckle when she is wearing her blue jeans! So instead of my Daughter getting scratched up and me putting her in the carseat half naked I use the Babylegs!!

My son has eczema on his knees (on both sides) and always scratches them during diaper changes and it's impossible to get him to stop - he's 2 1/2 years old. The leggings keep him from scratching and it's still easy to change him.

my daughter loves her one pair! we use them for the days that are cold in the morning but warm up by the afternoon. this way she gets to stay warm in cozy in her skirt/shorts/dress until it's warm enough for her to peel them off.

I love these for my two year old that loves to wear dresses when it is cold out. she thinks they make her pretty. i also use them for my son who is small so can't find pants that fit in legs and belly at the same time.

For my youngest with a penchant for clawing at her arms when she is nervous, they are the answer to a maiden's prayer!

I would love a girl or unisex pair.

My hack would be for my daughter to wear on her arms with those cute (sleeveless) summer dresses she keeps trying to wear.

Girl or unisex if I win,
I don't have any but I would think you could use them over your hand and your childs when out for a walk so your hands are not cold.

how about for catching all that spit when you are holding baby facing out and she is drooling all over the place. mom or dad could just wear it on their arm and catch the mess. (girl or boy for me)

teach your preschooler how to turn his sleeves/clothes inside out or outside in by using these....great skill for winter when its time to put on coats

I used them as need pads for my daughter when she started crawling, they were the greatest thing ever!!

I don't actually have any, but I do have two girly girls who love to wear strange (often unseasonably cold) outfits. These would probably be a beautiful addition to their outfitsd and help keep their little legs warm.

As a new cloth diapering mama, I plan to use them in conjunction with a wool diaper cover as a just hangin' round the house easy diaper change outfit on my little guy this winter. Plus all the other awesome ideas I've read here!

I know they would be a dual purpose for our daughter. She's crawling all over the tile floor with those bare legs! She still needs to have her feet exposed so as NOT to slip on our tile. Also, our climate can get downright hot at times. So, clothing is left mostly to onsies and shorts for fashion. However, during these cooler temps she can sport a little extra style... with BabyLegs? She'd look so cute!

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