04 December 2007

Baby wipe box doubles as kitchen cabinet organizer

Amazon: Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free, 72-Count Tubs, (Pack of 8)Danielle found a simple way to corral all the small parts that come with baby bottles (and, later, sippy cups):

For a couple of months after our son was born I had a messy cup cabinet.  There were so many bottles, liners, nipples, rings, etc... floating around on the shelf it drove me nuts.  One day we bought a pack of diapers and it came with a refillable wipe container.  We already had one in the nursery so I was going to throw it away.  Instead, I filled it up with all the bottle and cup accessories, closed the lid and put it in the cup cabinet on the same shelf as all of our bottles and toddler cups.  It keeps the shelf neat and I can always find the right pieces!

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Them boxes are SO handy!

Alternate approach: We assemble them (lids loose, but valves in) as we put them away. This helps the kids get their own, pretty much as soon as they are able. By the time they're 3, they just ask us to check if the lid is all the way on (we added a water storage with flip-spigot to the fridge at their height so they can even fill their own - which they LOVE to do!). Also, by assembling them ASAP, we know immediately if a valve has wandered to the bottom of the dishwasher and needs fishing out.

I do the same thing with the larger disposable tupperware containers- It really is a huge help.

We have a drawer for ours, but we use the same type of container for all those puzzle pieces.

They seemed to get lost in the toy box almost as soon as we bought them. So I grabbed an extra wipes box and tossed them in. Now when one of the boys grabs a puzzle board, I just grab the box. No more lost pieces!

Never throw away a plastic wipes box! I'm missing those I tossed because now we're finding that they hold small Lego kits perfectly.

And diaper boxes (big box store sized) hold about one season's worth of outgrown clothes. Where are they when I need them?!

We just started using one as a makeshift piggy bank. The one we're using has the little rubber flaps that interlock, so my son has fun pushing money through it.

We are past the bottle stage, but now use them for crayon storage, medicine storage (I even have separate ones for boo-boos with neosporin, bandaids, etc and one for fever/other medicines so that I can grab faster), storage in the car for books (can't have more than the little box holds in the car), playdough accessories, oh and I have my makeup in one, but that rarely gets used. As soon as we get one, we find a use for it. I'll repeat never throw away a plastic box!

We use a couple for art supplies like markers and crayons and I use one as en emergency diaper kit. In case I run out I keep 2 or 3 diapers and a ziploc bag with a few wipes and a sample size diaper rash cream in a wipes box in the trunk of my car.

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