Baby shoes as Christmas ornaments

From Kelly:

My aunt gave me this decorating idea: when you have baby shoes your child grew out of that you’d like to keep because they’re oh-so-cute and sentimental but don’t know where to put them, hang them on the Christmas tree as ornaments. You can do this for the first few years before they get too heavy!

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  1. kirsten says

    i use a binky. we have soothies, and they have a hole or two in them. much cuter than i would have imagined.

  2. Shana Smith says

    I do this with the little toys my son outgrows but loved as a baby (key rattle, those little people, little cars he just HAD to take the grocery store every trip…) We like to reminisce about them every year as we hang them on the tree. Just put a date on the bottom with a sharpie and you’ll always have a timeline to go on…

  3. jessica says

    we put the shoes up as it was her second christmas and I wanted a relevant ornament for her and she started walking this year. I wrote on the sole the day she started walking to remember for years to come.