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We’ve come to the end of another year together, and, as usual, I’m feeling rather reflective. 2007 has been a butt-kicker for my family in many ways, so to give a cheerful holiday letter-style wrapup just won’t cut it. What I will say is that I’ve learned more about parenting, acceptance, and strength this year […]

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The Twelve Principles for finding a lost object If at first you don’t succeed… DeliciousBaby Journal | Step By Step: Babyproofing a Hotel Room MyThings – Product Recall Interesting way to streamline tracking product recalls. make things and have fun! Turn your kid’s art into custom shirts and bags!

Spread out the gift-opening to keep Christmas morning manageable

Another holiday hack from Mel, who seems to have the realities of holiday logistics well thought-out: I know everyone has their own treasured and time-honoured family traditions, but….since we have one young child and an older child who is easily overstimulated (leading to meltdown!), we like to spread out the excitement of Christmas morning a […]

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Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Free Printable Gift Tags In case you’ve got a few gifts left to wrap… TED | Talks | Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do (video) A reminder to dismantle some of the childproofing, philosophically speaking. Via flagrantdisregard.

Holiday craft: Bread dough ornaments

There’s still a bit of time for holiday crafts now that vacation is underway! Margaret shared her recipe for homemade dough ornaments: The holidays bring out the crafty in me! Here’s a recipe for bread dough ornaments.  I still have some from when I was a kid, and they go up on the tree every […]