Use wallet-sized photos as gift tags

Gwen’s hack is one of those gems that solves a problem AND reduces clutter at the same time. Think about this for holiday gifts as well:

When my children bring a party gift to a child who can’t read yet, we don’t attach a gift card to the bag.  Instead, I grab a picture out of the pile of those extra wallet-size photos that you don’t know what to do with, but can’t bear to dump in the trash.  I punch a hole in the top corner of the photo, write the child’s name on the back, and attach the picture to the gift.


  1. says

    I used my extra wallet pictures to make bag tags for the diaper bags. I bought some laminating luggage tag things from Target and put the wallet size pictures in there. I put our contact info on a sticker on the back. The little old ladies at the church day care just love it.

  2. Brandi says

    This would double as a great gift for the grandparents during the holidays! They get a great gift, and pic of they’re beautiful grand-baby at the same time!