02 November 2007

Use Twitter as a baby-album-of-sorts

Kim uses Twitter as a repository for baby memories:

If you don't already know, Twitter is kind of a blogging/chat/texting hybrid. Its main appeal is convenience: you can update it via the Web or IM software or through cute little desktop apps for your cell phone.

I signed up for an account on behalf of my baby son. I can record all those zillions of little milestones that fly by, and most importantly, I can do it quickly and, if necessary, one-handedly. Blogging or (gasp) sitting down to physically write is usually too much for a new parent. I'm kicking myself for not signing up before he was born!

Even nicer, the far-flung friends and relatives can follow your Twitter feed, too. (Kim's followup: Twitter allows you to approve who's following you, so you can keep your baby updates as private as you wish.)


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I started doing this very thing just to keep track of when my son ate and slept. I personally hate the idea of twitter for most people, but this idea isn't too shabby.

What a great idea! I love that the milestones can be shared with friends and family. I've been putting them in Outlook on my phone and laptop. That way the data is at least stored somewhere, and maybe someday it'll get written into his special "baby's first year" calendar.

There is a new site coming out soon called Lil' Grams - it has all the features of twitter, but looks more useful because you can add photos and more. (I'm not associated with it, just thought it looked neat.) It's not live yet, but you can put in your email to get notified when it's ready: http://littlegrams.com/

Another new "twitter with photos" that is live is http://www.snapmylife.com - It is phone centric so very easy to use from your phone, and your loved ones can watch you so they get notified via mms whenever you post a new photo. Works great for approximating MMS to/from an iphone. Send an mms to m@snapmylife.com and it will create you an account.

I just don't get Twitter. What's the difference between this and a blog entry? There's no law saying you have to write more than a line or two in every entry. Why have, for all intents and purposes, two blogs going at once?

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