TV “white noise” helps baby sleep in a hotel room

Another great trick for getting your baby to sleep in a hotel room! From Megan:

During a recent hotel stay with my 14-month-old son (who tends to be a very light sleeper), whenever I put him down for a nap I would turn the television on to a "blank" station (one without a cable signal) and then turn the volume up until the static provided enough white noise for him to fall asleep and to help cover up the sounds of me moving around in the room.

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  1. says

    If the hotel room has one of those noisy air/heat vents – we have used that, set at a comfortable temp, for white nose as well. If it is loud enough it can drown out noisy neighbors as well :)

  2. ann says

    I have used the CD by Luke Rake “White Noise for Babies” ever since my 3rd child was born. Early on, when I had child #1 and #2, I noticed how well they slept when the humidifier was on. So I searched the Internet and found the Luke Rake CD. It’s great – I think it goes for about 1 hour. I have it on my iPod so it just plays continuously. It lets my older two kids be slightly noisy without disturbing the baby. Everyone is happy!

  3. Lemon says

    The only thing we have *ever* used our baby monitor for is white noise. When the receiver is turned on, but the transmitter is off… voila! nothing but static! And it’s portable! It’s an audio cue to babies that it’s time for sleeping.

  4. Rachael Coleda says

    our whole family sleeps with a fan at night for the white noise. $10 for a box fan is cheaper than a white noise generator. if we go on vacation, we stop and pick one up at a Mart if we can’t bring our own. You can always donate it to a local shelter when you’re leaving.