Travel tip: Clean the DVDs!

Ginger reminds us:

If you’re traveling with a toddler and a portable DVD player, remember to clean the DVD’s before you get on the plane! Believe me, that will be 2 minutes well spent.

Didn’t I hear somewhere (here?) that you can clean DVDs with baby wipes? Can someone confirm that?

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  1. Jessica says

    God bless baby wipes! I have used baby wipes to clean dvd’s, cd’s, even the dvd player screen itself (to get rid of kiddie prints!). I even use them to clean the bathroom mirrors!

  2. Me says

    I’ve cleaned them with baby wipes. I’ve also licked them and rubbed them on my shirt (whatever fabric I was wearing that’s most soft).

    Not proud of that…but it did improve the playback

  3. Sharon says

    If those DVDs are scratched, rub the scratch gently with a Q-tip and a bit of toothpaste, preferably a mildly abrasive one. Rise (or use a baby wipe) off the toothpaste. Scratches disappear and the DVD plays like new again.