Tequila-drinking rules for giving medicine

From Antares (an “Austin hackin’ mama”):

I knew the college drinking days would come in handy for something someday. Remember how if you took a shot of tequila and made sure to drink something else *before* you swallowed again it wouldn’t taste so nasty? I use the same trick with yucky medicines like cough syrup. I have a cup of juice with a straw *right there* so my Zoe can quickly suck some juice down before that Robitussin taste hits her throat. It has reduced the “no, not medicine!” incidents quite drastically. Just wanted to share.

Just keep in mind that cold and cough medicine is under serious scrutiny. Take care when giving it to your kids.

Calm coughing without medication
Hot lemonade soothes a tickly throat
Hot salt water quiets coughing


  1. jessie says

    the juice will also wash away medicine from the throat, making it less effective. the syrup needs to stick to the throat to coat it to help soothe the cough due to throat irritation (from coughing, usually!). The kids won’t complain with juice, but they won’t get better as soon as they could otherwise.

  2. says

    Jessie – recent studies have shown that this method does not have any adverse effects on the medicine. I thought it would, but the folks controling the medicines say it’s okay.

    I kind of like the face our five month old makes when she has to have medicine, so I might continue to not “chase” medicine if it makes me chuckle. (kidding, of course)

  3. andrew says

    For the worst tasting meds we will add a little bit of sugar substitute (Splenda), a la “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” -Mary Poppins
    No more complaints….

  4. Lady Faire says

    We provide a spoonful of honey or a “honeystick” (available at some grocery stores). It’s sweet enough to solve the taste issue, and coats her throat at the same time!

    Caution: I think I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to give honey to very young children (under 2 years old?). OuMy step-daughter is 10, so that’s not an issue for us.