Return address stamps or labels double as ID

Michael’s idea is one to keep in mind during the holiday shopping season:

My child loves stickers and stamps. Any time he sees a hand stamp or sticker he wants one. So what better way to teach your kid how to learn his address? We use our address stamp and stamp his hand, especially when going to a mall or big event with lots of little ones running around. If he would rather have a sticker, I have pre-printed (from my computer) address labels as a backup. If he ever gets lost he knows to find an employee or police officer and show them his stamp or sticker.

I like this idea, but I would add your cell phone number to the info on the sticker. If a kid gets lost at the mall, having only his address doesn’t do much good.

Sharpie your cell phone number on your kid’s belly
Personalized rubber bracelets as wearable identification
‘Tattoo’ your kid with your cell phone number


  1. michele says

    Not sure if I like this idea…. why do I want a stranger to have access to the fact that I have a small child at that address?

    I’d be ok with child’s name and my cell phone number, but not the address.

    Maybe I am just paranoid, who knows!

  2. says

    We do the occasional festival with the munchkins; and I’ve been looking for years for printable temporary tattoo paper with the next logical progression of this hack in mind.

    (ps I vote for the cell-phone path to contact too. Mainly ‘cos you’ll be panicking out at the shops, rather than sitting in the comfort of your lounge for your child to be returned.)

  3. thebrokedown says

    You’ll also want to make sure that the name is not readily readable to the average passing stranger. A person who says “Hi, Timmy,” (reading it off his hand, shirt, what ever) can seem a lot less threatening, perhaps.

  4. sls says

    I read somewhere that having Pet ID tags made at PetCo with your last name and phone number and attaching it to the zipper pulls of jackets and backpacks is a good permanent ID without giving too much info away.