Red popsicles help reduce the trauma and drama of a bloody lip

Mmmmm. Haagen-Dazs.Dave has discovered a perfectly good reason to keep the freezer consistently stocked with Haagen-Dazs bars:

Hersch did a face plant and bit his inner lip pretty badly. There was a lot of blood and he wasn't up for letting me take a look, and certainly was in no mood for ice.

So I grabbed a Haagen-Dazs sorbet and yogurt bar. The coldness calmed him down and dramatically reduced the swelling. Also, the fact that the bar was red had the added benefit that he didn't notice it was covered with blood for the first few nibbles.

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  1. Pete says

    We just had a similar event at Disney World… Our kids were excited to be going in the pool, jumping around, and cracked heads; my daughter bit her tongue quite badly, there was a lot of blood. We got the bleeding to slow, and then went to the snackbar for a red popsicle. The ice reduced swelling and gave her something other than blood to taste, and yes, the color was helpful too. Great hack and great minds think alike :)

  2. Emily says

    Red is definitely a great color for parents to embrace! We have a red washcloth stashed in every bathroom and our kitchen– that way, whenever we have a “Crisis situation” we can grab the red washcloth. Nobody freaks out over the blood (you really can’t see it!) and the nice towels don’t get ruined! I’ll have to try th popsicle thing!

  3. Daddy Dre says

    Good idea… if I could only keep myself from eating them all before the kid takes a tumble.

  4. kittenpie says

    Daycares have been using freezies for this for ages. Only downside is that kids are always asking for freezies for the slightest bump!

  5. Daddy Dre says

    After being so flippant yesterday about how I always eat all the popsicles before my kid needs them for injuries, he falls down last night, busts his lip AND I hadn’t eaten all the popsicles!