Plastic soap holder as crayon container

Travel soap holderTracy’s smart hack works at home or on the road:

We use a plastic bar soap holder (the kind that has a top and a bottom that you could use for travel or in your shower).  Take crayons out of a standard 24-crayon cardboard box and put them in the soap holder instead.  You never have to worry about it tearing, it’s great for travel and if you want to be able to see all your available colors while coloring, you can put 1/2 the crayons in the top and 1/2 in the bottom (also keeps them from rolling around on the table).


  1. says

    We also use those M&M Mini’s Containers. They are just right to slip down in a diaper bag pocket, purse or backpack. They only hold about 5 crayons, but if you pair them with the ones that you get in restaurants you can have a good collection! (I usually keep oddball colors that restaurants don’t have in their “kiddie packs”.)

  2. says

    We’ve used the empty plastic moist wipes containers. We have one for markers, one for crayons and one for stickers. They’re great! The containers are sturdy, but light-weight and children can open them easily.

  3. tiffany says

    isn’t it funny how sometimes we just do things we’ve always done and don’t think of it as a “hack”? not only have we done this one, but when i was an older kid and in a colored pencil phase, my mom got me the toothbrush holders to take along some of the long colored pencils when we drove to grandma’s house. and speaking of the mini m&m container…quarters fit *perfectly* in it. good to throw into the diaper bag for parking meters, etc.