08 November 2007

Parent Hacks Store Featured Find: Woobee water resistant blanket/cover/soft thingie

All-weather Woobee blanketIn lieu of confetti, fireworks and a grand parade down Main Street, I decided the best way to celebrate the grand opening of the Parent Hacks Store is to shower you, my dear Parenthackers, with gifts!

Today's Featured Find is the all-weather Woobee...cuddly thing? Stroller cozi-fier? Nursing cover? It can be so many things, it seems a shame to call it a blanket. This...blanket...is flexible water-resistant material on one side and super-soft furry/cozy material on the other, so it's ideal for draping over the stroller on a damp day (grosgrain ribbon ties keep it in place). Or, you can wrap it around your front-carrier-filled-with-baby. Or use it as a dry and cozy nursing shelter. Or sit on it in the damp grass. Or use it as a makeshift changing pad. Then wash and dry and it's good as new.

If it weren't so beautifully-produced and useful, I'd balk at the price ($70, although some versions are on sale on the company's site). But this item is one of those "you get what you pay for" things that is SO versatile and useful (and will be for years), and will erase SO many potential headaches, that I wholeheartedly recommend it. I realize it's out of many people's price ranges (including mine, frankly) but it's good enough to warrant skipping or returning a few other useless baby items (like a diaper pail) to build up the funds.

The blanket I was sent for review is so lovable I'm tempted to name it Myrtle and make it my blankie. But my husband may object to my sleeping with something other than him, so instead I'm giving it away!

Win it! One randomly-chosen commenter will get my, uh, I mean this lovely Woobee blanket I'm fondling..um, I mean holding right now. (Perhaps now you don't want it given my questionable affection for the thing? Whatever.) I won't even make you answer a question -- just say hi in the comments, perhaps leave a nice little note. (Pardon the self-indulgence, but I could use a little cheering up from my Parenthacker peeps. It was a rough night last night.) I'll pick a lucky winner tomorrow at 5pm...good luck!


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Not sure #1 is the ever very lucky, but here I am! I love your site! Keep it up!!!

Hi! That looks like such a cozy blanket! :)

Would love it for my 9 month old

I would love that blanket. The girls are always cuddling with blankets

parenthacks is to heaven as a grand crux is to a work-at-home mom

That looks/sounds perfect for the looooong Chicago winter!

Hi, would love the blanket! It's getting cold in NY now! Also, just discovered this blog and am finding it very, very useful. Looking forward to coming here very often.

Oooh, baby needs a new blanket this winter....

Isn't "woobee" from the movie "Mr. Mom"? (what the kid called his blanket at least, I think - or now that I've Googled it seems it was "wubby" in the movie)

Hi! And feel better. Hope tonight is smooth as silk.

Well, I'm home sick today and am spending (far too much of) my time going through the Parenthacks archives. What a great site! Asha--I hope you have an easier night tonight. That "rough night" thing seems to be going around. Take care.

We're on day 5 of weaning...the boy is restless, maybe the blanket would be a lovee for him?

Your blog is wonderful. Thank you!

I got one of these for a good friend but would love one for myself (and 3 month old daughter too!)

It looks so cozy!

Looks wonderful! Do they make adult sizes?

That looks wonderful. Little boy is lying down on every soft surface he sees now, v. cute. I'm sure he would love it.

Rough nights be gone!

Hi Asha! I hope the nights get better!

Oh wouldn't it be nice to be rich and be able to get all this cool stuff? :D

I have really enjoyed your site since I found it a few months ago. You do great work!


ooh, I've drooled over these for a while now :)

Ooo, beautiful! I love this site, and I'm sorry you had a rough night.

This blanket looks perfect for my niece, born just a few days ago! She lives in Detroit, so she has a long winter ahead ... :) Keep up the great work - I'm always excited when I see you have added a hack.

This is a great site that I wish was around 23 years ago when my babies were ... um .. babies! I forward your site to all the new parents I meet.

Sounds like a nice warm blanket to drape over our little one. It's cold these days, and I'm right there with you in sleep deprivation-ville. Love the site, keep the posts coming!

Keep up the good work. I've recommended your site to so many other parents and it's a permanent link on my blog. I'd love to win that blanket. I can't see spending $70 for it, but I covet it nonetheless.

I love this. So many uses!!!

Oh, that looks yummy! I hope I get it!

I'd love to win this! What a neat idea.

What a wonderful blanket. Hope to win!

I admit, I've coveted when I've seen them in person.

I don't even know why I'm bothering to comment as my 15 month old little Bean will! not! have! covers! on her at any time.

However I have fond memories of my best friend in college and her woobee and I'm sure my little girl will want one at somepoint - they offer such lovely comfort!

Or maybe I'll keep it for myself to cry into on those too frequent nights she needs to nurse every half hour (without covers of course).

I've recommended this too all new mommies, for post such as these - you always have the cutest finds! Thanks for yet another one :-)

Oh this sounds sooooo soft. I can't say enough about things that have tons of uses!
Would Looooove one for my little one.

Rough night huh? Today's another day and hopefully it's better.
Love your site and all the good things you do for parents everywhere!

Hi! Have a better night tonight!

Hello, sorry you had a rough night...flu? Hope today is a better day and tonight a better night! I've been admiring these blankets from a far...while I would pay 70 bucks for one(crazy as it is)-I just had twins. So 140 is a big no way for blankets. A mommy friend has one and oh they are marvelous :)

Pick me! Pick me! :-)

Know that your site is making for better days for all of us out there who are also having rough nights. Tomorrow's a new day!

Ooh this is so nice - it would be lovely for a chilly Canadian winter day! My son would love it. What a find!

Would love this - thanks for the tip!

Baby due in Feb in Ohio. This would be awesome

That looks like a lovely blanket -- so cozy! I think your affection is not at all questionable. :)

Sorry about your rough night. Hope today has been better!

Would love to have this for my brand new baby, I'm sorry this is the reason for my first time commenting here!

OMG, I just clicked through to the store and saw the Robeez booties. I wish they had those in adult sizes!

snuggle, snuggle, I was just wishing for something warm to wrap my little peanut in! and so pretty!

Hi! So glad I found this site!

soooo soft!

Hi! I think I just found a new baby shower gift!

Here is a little something to cheer you up. I love Parent Hacks. It is the bestest parenting blog out there. I love that the collective wisdom of so many people is distilled down into a clear and helpful fashion.

I would love to win the blanket for my blanket mad boys.

Sending some warm wishes your way (oh, wait, you already have the blanket!).

Holy smoly but that thing is nice! I'd love a little something totally new for my little gestating bun.

Oh, and sorry about your rough night. May your day be much better!

multi-tasking blanket? put me down for that!

Parenthacks rocks.

I tell every pregnant mom I know about parenthacks and askmoxie

the blanket looks awesome.

Hello! I appreciate the time you take to organize this site and the cool ideas everyone passes on to you. I'm always impressed by the creativity shown here, and the cool ideas for me to try.

I feel your pain about the whole no-sleeping thing. All the other moms I know have angelic kids who sleep through the night from 2 mos on :( and mine is not and it stinks. Hope tonight is a better night for you!! Maybe cuddle up with the blanket one last time ;)

How bout one in King Size!?!? I adore anything soft and fuzzy - I actually put that on my Christmas List!!!

I think I might well have been awake with you--our newborn was up every two hours and then our four year old was up twice with 'scary sounds'. Ugh, I feel your pain!
I have my own blanket like that and would love one for little Adelaide. :)

That's a great idea! I'm almost 4 months with my first baby, and we haven't even started to stock up yet! Ack, am I behind?? :)

I am right there with you! Things have been crazy around here, too. :) Thanks for putting such awesome things on this site. I tell every Mom I meet about parenthacks. I agree with an earlier post, the only thing that would make this blankie better - is if it were in Queen size.

Mmmm.... Woobee looks like something my daughter would love. Love the site!

I'm sorry you had a rough night! D. only has 4 more teeth to go and then we're done for a little while. But until then... Blech!

Upcoming bambino percolating here, so, any night-time troubles are linked to the bathroom right now; however, in the next 10 days, I expect that to change (to both bambino and bathroom visits!)

Good luck!

Oooh, it's lovely. Please pick me!! :)

So cozy looking.My son loves soft fuzzy blankets.

Ohh that looks nice, even if you have enjoyed, fondled, held, and snuggled with the woobee already! :)

Oh, I'm with you on the rough-night deal! Sigh. If I win the cozy, I solemnly swear to share it with neither of my children until I, the glorious Mommy, have had the opportunity to take a Nap Alone with it! Should make it mine for decades to come...

Hi in the comments!

I do enjoy your blog.

oooh... so beautiful and cozy. I would love to wrap up in one!

I have my fingers crossed.

Sounds so cozy.

hi! i am in desperate need of a warm stroller blanket now that the weather is getting colder. i walk my kindergartner to and from school with my toddler in her stroller. a few days ago my toddler apparently kicked off her blanket or maybe it just fell off. i don't know! but, i didn't notice it fall. i also don't know how i couldn't have noticed, but i didn't. and so we need a new one that will stay put on the stroller. i hope the one you're giving away can help solve that problem for me or whoever else wins!

What a great idea!
LOVE ParentHacks! :-)

I haven't even had my baby yet and I love this blog. I have so many posts bookmarked on my bloglines already! Thanks for all the tips.

This sounds like something I need. Water-proof one side is great when you son hates the rain cover.

Thanks, this is fun! It sure would be fun to win this. I have a 2 month old baby girl.

Here is just a hi. I need that for our walks in Seattle.

Why don't they make stuff this soft for adults?

Would love it for my 9 month old. I've sent all of my new mommy friends to ParentHacks.

Thanks for a great site, Asha! Please count me in for this drawing - Michigan winters are windy and cold. :)

Brand new to the site and would love it for my babe that's due in about 2 weeks!

That looks like a very soft, cozy friend. My son would love it! I'll have to check it out!

My goodness, look at all the pandering in this comments section. You'd think somebody was giving something away or something! What? You are? You know, this is the greatest blog I have *ever* read! Does that improve my chances? Eh. It's a good blog anyway! Pick me, please?

Want to touch the Woobee...

What a soft-looking blanket!
Both my husband and I love your site....he loves any site with "hacks" in the title! Ha! :0)

What a gorgeous blanket I'd love to send it to my new son to be in Korea- Id love to send him a long distance soft lovey from his mom to be. Thank you!

That sounds like the perfect thing for me, I mean my kids. We're definitely the snuggly kind of family!

Wanted: soft, durable lovey for sweet 3 1/2 month-old baby boy - I'm just saying...

PS - sorry you had a rough day!!

Big Hugs to you on the rough night and hope you can catch up on your sleep to night or at least that you have some great coffee as a pick me up today. Great blanket! I definitely hear you on the diaper pail- long live the garage garbage instead. Thanks for the chance!

This is such a cool blanket. My daughter would look so cute wrapped up in it!

your blog is awesome. thanks for doing this all

We can also test it in Russian winter :)

The blankie looks sooo cozy, I hate to take it from you! :) Just the right thing for my son to snuggle up with and for me to share from time to time. :) Thanks so much - love the site!

Connor and I would just LOVE to snuggled with your lovely blankie. Actually Connor doesn't have a "blankie" yet so maybe this would be the perfect one for him! We don't mind that you have fondled / loved / drooled on it (or whatever it is your doing with it!! LOL) As beggers can't be choosers right? :) I'm running out the door right now but the moment I get back Ill blog your contest :)

We basically live out of our stroller here in Brooklyn. That blanket looks mighty handy! ;)

Oooh, ahhh! : ) What an awesome giveaway!

Your blog always makes me smile:) If you can peel the blankey out of your hands, I would love to win it!!

(non-entry, but I wanted to say hello!)
Sorry about your long night last night. It's so nice of you to share Myrtle with a Parent Hacker.

The store is in concept and execution. I prowled around it last night and noticed some awesome things that I hadn't seen reviewed here (yet). We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bananagrams and can't wait for wee Ranger to learn his letters so he can play too.

Very cool- soon we'll all want the bricks and mortar version!

These look so comfortable. I think both of my kids would like them.

Would love for newborn due to arrive in... tick tock... 11 days.

Glad to have found your blog. Thanks for the chance to with this "blanket"

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