Parent Hacks Store Featured Find: Woobee water resistant blanket/cover/soft thingie

All-weather Woobee blanketIn lieu of confetti, fireworks and a grand parade down Main Street, I decided the best way to celebrate the grand opening of the Parent Hacks Store is to shower you, my dear Parenthackers, with gifts!

Today’s Featured Find is the all-weather Woobee…cuddly thing? Stroller cozi-fier? Nursing cover? It can be so many things, it seems a shame to call it a blanket. This…blanket…is flexible water-resistant material on one side and super-soft furry/cozy material on the other, so it’s ideal for draping over the stroller on a damp day (grosgrain ribbon ties keep it in place). Or, you can wrap it around your front-carrier-filled-with-baby. Or use it as a dry and cozy nursing shelter. Or sit on it in the damp grass. Or use it as a makeshift changing pad. Then wash and dry and it’s good as new.

If it weren’t so beautifully-produced and useful, I’d balk at the price ($70, although some versions are on sale on the company’s site). But this item is one of those "you get what you pay for" things that is SO versatile and useful (and will be for years), and will erase SO many potential headaches, that I wholeheartedly recommend it. I realize it’s out of many people’s price ranges (including mine, frankly) but it’s good enough to warrant skipping or returning a few other useless baby items (like a diaper pail) to build up the funds.

The blanket I was sent for review is so lovable I’m tempted to name it Myrtle and make it my blankie. But my husband may object to my sleeping with something other than him, so instead I’m giving it away!

Win it! One randomly-chosen commenter will get my, uh, I mean this lovely Woobee blanket I’m, I mean holding right now. (Perhaps now you don’t want it given my questionable affection for the thing? Whatever.) I won’t even make you answer a question — just say hi in the comments, perhaps leave a nice little note. (Pardon the self-indulgence, but I could use a little cheering up from my Parenthacker peeps. It was a rough night last night.) I’ll pick a lucky winner tomorrow at 5pm…good luck!


  1. Emily says

    Hi, would love the blanket! It’s getting cold in NY now! Also, just discovered this blog and am finding it very, very useful. Looking forward to coming here very often.

  2. Brenda says

    Oooh, baby needs a new blanket this winter….

    Isn’t “woobee” from the movie “Mr. Mom”? (what the kid called his blanket at least, I think – or now that I’ve Googled it seems it was “wubby” in the movie)

  3. Sarah in Pittsburgh says

    Well, I’m home sick today and am spending (far too much of) my time going through the Parenthacks archives. What a great site! Asha–I hope you have an easier night tonight. That “rough night” thing seems to be going around. Take care.

  4. Karen says

    I got one of these for a good friend but would love one for myself (and 3 month old daughter too!)

  5. says

    That looks wonderful. Little boy is lying down on every soft surface he sees now, v. cute. I’m sure he would love it.

    Rough nights be gone!

  6. Misty says

    Oh wouldn’t it be nice to be rich and be able to get all this cool stuff? :D

    I have really enjoyed your site since I found it a few months ago. You do great work!


  7. says

    This blanket looks perfect for my niece, born just a few days ago! She lives in Detroit, so she has a long winter ahead … :) Keep up the great work – I’m always excited when I see you have added a hack.

  8. says

    This is a great site that I wish was around 23 years ago when my babies were … um .. babies! I forward your site to all the new parents I meet.

  9. says

    Sounds like a nice warm blanket to drape over our little one. It’s cold these days, and I’m right there with you in sleep deprivation-ville. Love the site, keep the posts coming!

  10. says

    Keep up the good work. I’ve recommended your site to so many other parents and it’s a permanent link on my blog. I’d love to win that blanket. I can’t see spending $70 for it, but I covet it nonetheless.

  11. says

    I don’t even know why I’m bothering to comment as my 15 month old little Bean will! not! have! covers! on her at any time.

    However I have fond memories of my best friend in college and her woobee and I’m sure my little girl will want one at somepoint – they offer such lovely comfort!

    Or maybe I’ll keep it for myself to cry into on those too frequent nights she needs to nurse every half hour (without covers of course).

  12. says

    I’ve recommended this too all new mommies, for post such as these – you always have the cutest finds! Thanks for yet another one :-)

  13. Stephanie says

    Oh this sounds sooooo soft. I can’t say enough about things that have tons of uses!
    Would Looooove one for my little one.

  14. Coco Bean says

    Rough night huh? Today’s another day and hopefully it’s better.
    Love your site and all the good things you do for parents everywhere!

  15. says

    Hello, sorry you had a rough night…flu? Hope today is a better day and tonight a better night! I’ve been admiring these blankets from a far…while I would pay 70 bucks for one(crazy as it is)-I just had twins. So 140 is a big no way for blankets. A mommy friend has one and oh they are marvelous :)

  16. Kim-Anh says

    Pick me! Pick me! :-)

    Know that your site is making for better days for all of us out there who are also having rough nights. Tomorrow’s a new day!

  17. Nicole says

    Ooh this is so nice – it would be lovely for a chilly Canadian winter day! My son would love it. What a find!

  18. Jen R says

    That looks like a lovely blanket — so cozy! I think your affection is not at all questionable. :)

    Sorry about your rough night. Hope today has been better!

  19. Laura GF says

    Would love to have this for my brand new baby, I’m sorry this is the reason for my first time commenting here!

  20. Jen R says

    OMG, I just clicked through to the store and saw the Robeez booties. I wish they had those in adult sizes!

  21. Becky says

    snuggle, snuggle, I was just wishing for something warm to wrap my little peanut in! and so pretty!

  22. says

    Here is a little something to cheer you up. I love Parent Hacks. It is the bestest parenting blog out there. I love that the collective wisdom of so many people is distilled down into a clear and helpful fashion.

    I would love to win the blanket for my blanket mad boys.

  23. says

    Holy smoly but that thing is nice! I’d love a little something totally new for my little gestating bun.

    Oh, and sorry about your rough night. May your day be much better!

  24. says

    Hello! I appreciate the time you take to organize this site and the cool ideas everyone passes on to you. I’m always impressed by the creativity shown here, and the cool ideas for me to try.

  25. Mandy says

    I feel your pain about the whole no-sleeping thing. All the other moms I know have angelic kids who sleep through the night from 2 mos on :( and mine is not and it stinks. Hope tonight is a better night for you!! Maybe cuddle up with the blanket one last time ;)

  26. Kelsa says

    How bout one in King Size!?!? I adore anything soft and fuzzy – I actually put that on my Christmas List!!!

  27. Amanda and Adelaide says

    I think I might well have been awake with you–our newborn was up every two hours and then our four year old was up twice with ‘scary sounds’. Ugh, I feel your pain!
    I have my own blanket like that and would love one for little Adelaide. :)

  28. Grimmleigh says

    That’s a great idea! I’m almost 4 months with my first baby, and we haven’t even started to stock up yet! Ack, am I behind?? :)

  29. Shauna says

    I am right there with you! Things have been crazy around here, too. :) Thanks for putting such awesome things on this site. I tell every Mom I meet about parenthacks. I agree with an earlier post, the only thing that would make this blankie better – is if it were in Queen size.

  30. Leah says

    I’m sorry you had a rough night! D. only has 4 more teeth to go and then we’re done for a little while. But until then… Blech!

  31. Jen. says

    Upcoming bambino percolating here, so, any night-time troubles are linked to the bathroom right now; however, in the next 10 days, I expect that to change (to both bambino and bathroom visits!)

    Good luck!

  32. Meg says

    Ohh that looks nice, even if you have enjoyed, fondled, held, and snuggled with the woobee already! :)

  33. Anonymous says

    Oh, I’m with you on the rough-night deal! Sigh. If I win the cozy, I solemnly swear to share it with neither of my children until I, the glorious Mommy, have had the opportunity to take a Nap Alone with it! Should make it mine for decades to come…

  34. analilia says

    hi! i am in desperate need of a warm stroller blanket now that the weather is getting colder. i walk my kindergartner to and from school with my toddler in her stroller. a few days ago my toddler apparently kicked off her blanket or maybe it just fell off. i don’t know! but, i didn’t notice it fall. i also don’t know how i couldn’t have noticed, but i didn’t. and so we need a new one that will stay put on the stroller. i hope the one you’re giving away can help solve that problem for me or whoever else wins!

  35. Mir says

    I haven’t even had my baby yet and I love this blog. I have so many posts bookmarked on my bloglines already! Thanks for all the tips.

  36. Daisy says

    My goodness, look at all the pandering in this comments section. You’d think somebody was giving something away or something! What? You are? You know, this is the greatest blog I have *ever* read! Does that improve my chances? Eh. It’s a good blog anyway! Pick me, please?

  37. says

    What a soft-looking blanket!
    Both my husband and I love your site….he loves any site with “hacks” in the title! Ha! :0)

  38. Jenny Miller says

    What a gorgeous blanket I’d love to send it to my new son to be in Korea- Id love to send him a long distance soft lovey from his mom to be. Thank you!

  39. Annette says

    Wanted: soft, durable lovey for sweet 3 1/2 month-old baby boy – I’m just saying…

    PS – sorry you had a rough day!!

  40. Jen says

    Big Hugs to you on the rough night and hope you can catch up on your sleep to night or at least that you have some great coffee as a pick me up today. Great blanket! I definitely hear you on the diaper pail- long live the garage garbage instead. Thanks for the chance!

  41. Mae says

    The blankie looks sooo cozy, I hate to take it from you! :) Just the right thing for my son to snuggle up with and for me to share from time to time. :) Thanks so much – love the site!

  42. says

    Connor and I would just LOVE to snuggled with your lovely blankie. Actually Connor doesn’t have a “blankie” yet so maybe this would be the perfect one for him! We don’t mind that you have fondled / loved / drooled on it (or whatever it is your doing with it!! LOL) As beggers can’t be choosers right? :) I’m running out the door right now but the moment I get back Ill blog your contest :)

  43. Carrie Z says

    Your blog always makes me smile:) If you can peel the blankey out of your hands, I would love to win it!!

  44. says

    (non-entry, but I wanted to say hello!)
    Sorry about your long night last night. It’s so nice of you to share Myrtle with a Parent Hacker.

    The store is in concept and execution. I prowled around it last night and noticed some awesome things that I hadn’t seen reviewed here (yet). We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bananagrams and can’t wait for wee Ranger to learn his letters so he can play too.

    Very cool- soon we’ll all want the bricks and mortar version!

  45. says

    Love this site! And would love this blanket – my feet are cold in this new house! AND we just found out we’re pregnant again so I need a new snuggly!

  46. Amanda says

    Oh, me please. My babe is a blanket junkie (or is that just me?) Anyway, we would love just one more (that’s what I have to tell myself at least).

  47. says

    Were expecting our first in about a month. It is scary how much money you can spend getting everything set up. I am sure this is a great blanket, but I can’t imagine paying $70 for one.

  48. Anna N. says

    Sending good vibes your way (for your rough night last night)…

    Baby #2 on the way and a lovely blanket would be great!

  49. says

    This looks sooo soft and warm and cuddly. I love to cuddle up with my kids in a soft blanket in front of a warm fire. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  50. Rick says

    Hi! Cheer up! My wife and I have had a few rough nights lately as our seven-week-old daughter is still learning how to sleep!

  51. Susan says

    Howdy! I completely understand the rough night…my little sweetie is going backwards in time since I’ve gone back to work. From sleeping 7 hours to only 3 at a time…yowzah! Maybe that blanket would help ease her into cozy happiness? If not, it sure looks like something I’d cozy up to :)

  52. says

    Wow what a cute and useful blanket! My kiddo would latch onto that like crazy.

    I’m so glad I found this site, I’ve already seen so many tips that have been and will be a big help here around our house. Thanks so much!

  53. Laura Hetfield says

    ahhhh it looks soo comfy and soft ..I want to just snuggle in it and hide! thanks for the opportuinty!!!

  54. Hot Wife says

    Do I have to share the blanket with my kids?

    You know I love your site and I tell my closest friends about it all the time.

  55. says

    Well, I’m the 133rd comment, but here goes. Our first child is expected in December and I am already collecting lots of excellent parent hacks!!

  56. Sherry says

    What a gorgeous, cuddly looking blanket. With a 9 month old at home and another little one on the way, we certainly need to beef up the blanket stock. Got my fingers crossed… Congrats on the new store too!!

  57. says

    Just happened upon your site and love your writing! I think I’ll do a write-up (via your blog) on this adorable blanket at My compliments!

  58. says

    Just happened upon your site and love your writing! I think I’ll do a write-up (via your blog) on this adorable blanket at My compliments!

  59. Maggie Smith says

    I would love to give your Woobee a new home! Thanks for the giveaway, I look forward to winning :)

  60. says

    A wooby…we call our blankets that here at our house. from the movie Mr. Mom!

    These blankets look so snuggly.. please sign me up for this contest.

  61. sara says

    My son loves any and everything soft and furry….This sounds like it could quite possibly be a great replacement for his Chewy (what we call his blankie) since it about reduced to threads! Thanks for an awesome chance to win! Have a Blessed day!

  62. Marta says

    As a frequent reader, I am happy to see the things you see and like. I love all the ideas.
    And, after finding out I need to replace my furnace, I think I could use a woobee today.

  63. Mari says

    This sounds perfect for carrying my baby between car and daycare here in Upstate NY. And you almost make me willing to spend $70 on this.

  64. says

    I am done having any little ones but I’m expecting a nephew in about 2 months and this would be great for him!

  65. Jessamyn says

    My little one is turning into Linus with her huge afghan this would be a much nicer take-everywhere blanket. I understand not wanting to part with it…

  66. jessie says

    woo for the woobee! That blankie rocks, my baby would not part with it. Love your site, btw, you’ve found a great way to reach the lurkers :-)

  67. Jamie Willett says

    Would love to win a new blankie for my little neglected 3rd daughter who never gets anything new because we have so many baby things from when her sisters were babies.

    I’m loving my daily Parent Hacks emails by the way…great ideas!

  68. Anonymous says

    Hi there,
    ummm… just writing you to say hi and i am sorry that you had a long night. But keep up the good work your review on the blanket that is outrageously priced is very informative. I like all the nifty ideas the blanket can be used for.
    keep up the good work

  69. Stephanie T. says

    You always have the coolest stuff and tips to share here. My husband and I love it. Thanks!

  70. says

    I need a softie… for myself! With a six-month-old who still wakes up at least three times a night I need some comfort.

  71. Beatty says

    Hi – I’d like to enter. Thanks for your site – I recommend it all over the place. Keep up the great work!

  72. Nutmeg says

    We were up 8 times tuesday and 4 times (once for 3 hours of screaming )last night with our almost ELEVEN month old.

    Maybe getting him a wooby would help.

    Please help.

  73. jessica says

    love your site, haven’t been in a while and I have missed you! glad to get back in time for this great contest!

  74. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hi, Sorry about your bad evening last night. I hope tonight is a better one! Please enter me in your fabulous contest. It sounds like a comforting item to win. Thanks, Cindi :)

  75. Sirid Kellermann says

    Please, my twins need another thing to fight over… and as far as your rough day goes, may I suggest…

    1 1/2 oz vodka
    3/4 part pomegranate liqueur
    1/2 c sweet ice tea (e.g. Snapple)
    Shake and serve over ice with a twist of lime.

  76. says

    I really just want to say that this cracked me up: “(Perhaps now you don’t want it given my questionable affection for the thing? Whatever.)” Thanks for being so darn entertaining. :)

  77. Michelle S says

    I would really love this blanket for my new baby girl, she LOVES soft blankets and really LOVES to be swaddled at night, tightly! :) What an awesome prize.

  78. regandbabe says

    we finally have a backyard (ok 3X9 patch of questionable greenery)to play in, now we need something to play on!

  79. Whitney says

    Couldn’t we all use a little happy thought on a rough night/day…/week :o) Here’s hoping it was only one rough night and that things look up in the morning!

  80. says

    What a generous give-a-way, I would love to win this for my wee girl.

    Thank you so much for the Parent Hacks store; in the past I have spent so much time back tracking beofre trying to find specific products.

  81. Melissa says

    Looks sooo soft!!! I love finding great items just to watch my sister try and find the exact item and purchase it too. Wouldn’t that be great if I could tell her I won it:)

  82. says

    I’m sorry to hear about the rough night – thank you for posting despite it!

    And waterproof always makes my day here in Oregon. :)

  83. says

    This blanket would make great outside fort material…or cozy camping in the back yard bedding (can you tell I live where it’s still 90 degrees everyday)?! Fall and winter come hither!

  84. Sylvia says

    Woobee, Woobee, Wooooobeeeee! Hah- that’s fun to say. It looks like even more fun to snuggle with. Plus today’s my birthday, so pick me, oh random number generator! :)

  85. Janessa says

    You know you spend too much time blog reading when you find all your conversation starters are, “Well, I read on parenthacks that…” I also tell everyone about this site. Thanks for your hard work! And writing that makes me laugh.

  86. says

    I’m glad you’ve set up your store so I can go straight to some of the neat things you mention. I’m sure one of the biggest parent hacks ever is to minimize time spent on the computer to be with our kids. It is so easy to get caught up on the computer around my house, so this is especially lovely. So thank you for saving time for us. Now, I’d love to feel that soft blanket myself. It looks so yummy!

  87. Inki says

    Today is my baby’s 3-month birthday, and this seems like something that would be perfect for our cold and wet climate, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    LOVE ParentHacks btw, I check it out every day and have gotten so much inspiration from this site!

  88. Dee says

    I bet that is very comfy for Baby. We have a new baby in the family that I know would love to cuddle into that. :)

  89. Marnie A. Bodapaty says

    I would love this not-just-a-blanket blanket for so many reasons! What’s not to love? Anything that soft and cozy sounds like a must-have for the impending Upstate NY winters. My 14 month old daughter would love this (and maybe she would even share it with me!)

  90. JewelsHud says

    I find your sites one of the most useful and practical of any out there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. says

    Looks like a whole lot of people need some woobie love (me included).
    As for your long night -remember better to be with them now than later – when you’ll be wondering who they’re out with and what they’re doing! ;-)

  92. Heather says

    Thanks for putting this store together. What a great idea to have all of the “highly recommended” in one easy-to-find place. And one more way to feed my addiction!

  93. Lemon says

    Everyone needs some love! I love the sound of the blanket, but quite honestly I love your blog more. It sounds like you might need a little pep talk, so know that this mother of 2 (almost 3) visits your site everyday and I love it. I used the “write notes on the diaper hack” (from a couple of months back I think) yesterday to the delight of my son’s teacher – it was his last day, and I scribbled a little t.y. note.

    I hope you had a better night last night. Try and use the bad days to measure how good most of the other ones are.

  94. Melissa says

    I love getting the Parent Hacks email posts. Keep em’ comin’!!! The blanket looks amazing!

  95. Ayron W. says

    Sounds like a great thing for the upcoming winter! My 5 month old sure would love the cozy soft side:) Sounds like it would be a wonderful ground cover for the many parks we go to for my older child. I love your site – it has so many wonderful ideas to make any parents life easier! Thanks for all the effort you put into it – and I love the new ParentHacks Store!

  96. Valerie L says

    Pick us!! Pick us!!

    Hope things go better tonight. I tell all my mom friends about this site – not only is it valuable, but there’s a “real” person behind it all, so it makes it feel like you’re my personal adviser.

  97. Lynda from Pennsylania says

    Hi!!! Your email and your site is awesome!! We all need help with this most important AND WONDERFUL job that our Lord gave us, our children!! thank you for all of your time and efforts! The “snuggle square” looks so soft! I am officially entering my chance to win.. thank you!! Happy day!! and Happy holidays!!

  98. says

    Those sound lovely. If I hadn’t already gone over budget on gifties (recommended by parenthacks, no less, like the teething bling) for my new-mom best friend for Christmas, I’d be getting this, too!

  99. says

    I’m not going to lie and say that this would be mostly for my kid.

    It’d be for me.

    Hopefully you’re not up all night with the flu! I can relate there. It’s been a long week.


  100. Tonya says

    It looks the perfect thing to me (I mean the kids) asleep with on these wintery Michigan days.

  101. dan says

    my 3-year old daughter would love this blanket to make a “bed” for her and her 11-month old brother (who will probably try to take it away from her).

  102. says

    haha! my son had his “bee” and his first soft weird yellow teddy bear was *named* “woobee”! i kid you not. would love one of these for daughter.


  103. Jen says

    Looks adorable. I hope tonight is better for you! We all have rotten nights, you’re not alone.

  104. Stephanie says

    You rock Asha! Wishing you long restful nights, sweet dreams (and myself being able to cuddle with my daughter in this “blanket”).

  105. Cecily T says

    MMmmm…I totally understand. My baby has a soft fuzzy (and heavy) blankie that I love. I’m always trying to fit underneath it, but I’m too big! Love the parent hacks :)

  106. Jenn says

    Sounds like a great product, & I think it probably is a play on the Mr. Mom security Item (blanket for boy, Flannel shirt for Mr Mom). Woobie or Wubby is what our house always called it’s comfy security item. (fingers crossed to get one)

  107. Selena says

    My head is swimming with all the possible Woobee uses! Thanks for being willing to part with it!

  108. Heather L says

    They look heavenly! I love your website and I love getting emails about new posts so I don’t have to remember to check it every day! My pregnant brain can only handle so much.

  109. Paula says

    Right there with you on the rough night. Five months worth, when oh when is the child going to sleep through consistently? This is my fourth and you’d think I’d be used to the beat by now, but alas I don’t think one ever gets used to the brutal lack of sleep. I’m nursing a huge cup of Jo to get me going this morning. Cheers! And I love, love, love your blog. Sheer genius to have all these little flash bulbs of Mommy and Daddy wisdom all compiled in one place.

  110. Anonymous says

    Ymmy blankie! I had a rough night last night too…the 1 year old has decided that he doesn’t sleep through the night anymore. Grrr……

  111. mary says

    Thank you so much for your site. I heard about it on Jumping Monkeys and have been reading ever since.
    BTW… Last night was rough here as well.

  112. says

    I hope last night was better! I found your website through Prizey… although i have heard about it before, I hadn’t yet checked it out. Great site!

  113. Mary Anna says

    Looks yummy! First DS has the “Favorite Blanket” from PBKids – loves it still. Second DS needs a soft cuddly!

  114. Dan Penczak says

    That’s looks great. My 1 1/2 yr old girl is really attached to her blanket lately but it is pretty thin.

  115. Jodi says

    It would love to be able to tie it on my little girls baby carrier when I’m chasing after my toddler this winter.

  116. kelly loyd says

    That looks like the softest blanket ever. It would be perfect for the bundle of joy we are expecting in December.

  117. Amy says

    My 10 1/2 month old has just realized how great it is to wrap up in cuddly blankets. Would love to win this versitile one!

    And thanks for the site. As always it’s a wonderful help with all of the hints and tips.

  118. Stacy MacLean says

    Love your site! I always go here to find product recommendations for gifts and for our family!

  119. Anne Montesi says

    Thanks for sharing the interesting products you review. I am expecting my third baby and am always interested in learning about new products that can make my live easier. I would love to have a blankie for number 3, my first girl!

  120. Carolyn says

    Awesome! I would love to get one of those blankets! So great that it’s water repellent! My 18 mo is obsessed with her current blanket, could use a sturdier replacement for on the go.

  121. tory says

    Hi there-
    Rough night here too – restless, feverish, kicking toddler and 5:00am alarm for the workday.
    TGIF and may tonight be better for both of us.
    Love the new store!

  122. says

    Hey this blanket looks so soft!!!
    I’d love to cuddle with this and play on my computer for hours!
    Great giveaway.

  123. Lisa says

    Love this site; love this product. Just moved to Seattle from sunny Southern California on a tight budget, so we could definitely make good use of this yummy product!

    Here’s my wish list: turn this product into a fitted sheet — cozy comfy on my son’s sleep side, but water(ahem!)resistant on the other. *laugh* Hey, and maybe for me — then I can drink my morning cuppa joe in bed on a frozen with no worries about spillage!)

  124. Jill H. says

    I couldn’t do this job w/o parenthacks! Thanks for all the hard work on the site. (As for the Woobie – everyone needs a woobie don’t they?)

  125. Kristen says

    Would love this blanket of all blankets….

    Love this site….daily, okay, more than once per day, checking of this site for me…so many ideas and such support in this crazy marathon of parenting.

  126. Melissa says

    Hi! I hope the day’s going better for you! I had one of those nights last night too (sick babies + sick cat = no sleep for mommy). I’m a long-time lurker, I love your site! And the thingie looks awesome!

  127. Amelia Loomis says

    My youngest son loves blankets, he calls the very soft ones (the only ones that he will sleep with) Kitties.

  128. Robyn says

    Congrats on the store, Asha! It’s fabulous. Sorry you had a rough night. Hope today is better. The blanket looks great. My sister just had a baby in Colorado so it would be oh so nice for my new nephew!!

  129. Mama J says

    Here to commiserate- I too had a rough night… rough week actually. Just started a new job on Monday after taking 15 months off when my son was born. This just happened to coincide with the first week of Daylight Standard time change (can’t they just pick one and stick with it?) AND with my husband being gone for a week of work travel. I’m exhausted and could use a little snuggle time with a good blankie. LOVE your site. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  130. Kalli says

    Oooh…rough nights are never fun. I hope you are resting easier now!

    I would love this sweet blanket for baby #2, due in cold and rainy March. :)

  131. Adriana says

    Hi! Love the woobee! What a great Christmas gift that would make!

    As a mommy of 2 boys under 2, I just wanted you to know that I visit your site religiously, and I have learned so many ultra-cool hacks, keep ‘em coming!

  132. says

    I am married to a man who has a “thing” for tactile stimulus… and my 10-month old is exactly the same. From 2 days old (for both), Dad and Son have been rubbing folded silk together and “mmmmmmm”-ing. It’s adorable and hilarious, especially since Dad takes his “woobie” with him everywhere. “Taggies” aren’y good enough for my Son, he wants my silk PJs.
    Anyway, yes, I have been subscribing since I went back to work, and many (most? almost all?) of the posts are thoughtful and super-helpful. I’m recovering from a nasty bout with bronchitis and we are still on every-other-night duty so, yes, I can sympathize with a bad night! We all can. Hope your tonight is better.
    Oh, yea, on topic… we’d love to be the lucy recipients of your giveaway, but in any case, keep up the awesome work. Dad and I are better parents for all you do.
    Many thanks,
    Avery’s Mom

  133. lrempel says

    The Woobee wooks wonderful! I live in Vancouver, BC and it rains A LOT here. A blankie with a waterproof side would be perfect. I’ve been storing up all your tips and tricks on the site to put to use in about a month and a half when baby #1 comes along! Keep it up.

  134. Sue J says

    Hi! Been lurking around here forever but this drawing was too good to pass up. Loving the new Store as well! Keep up the great work!!!

  135. Kalani says

    I’ve heard of these blankets before- GREAT giveaway!!! Your site always has interesting finds…

  136. Jenni says

    Love this blog! So many tips that come in handy for this mom of 3! — Including a 3 month old who would LOVE this.

  137. Dana P says

    It’d be nice to have a reward for checking out the blog as I sit here, four days past due, waiting for baby to make an appearance.

  138. Meaghan says

    The name reminds me of the movie Mr. Mom and the blanket looks delicious. Would I give it to the toddler or save it for the due-any-minute new babe? Hmmmm… Thanks for passing along more cool lemmings ParentHacks!

  139. says

    With our little one’s daddy away in Iraq, we can use all the extra comfort we can get! I am looking into that website.. Thanks for sharing :-)

  140. Alex says

    This is my favorite parenting site. I tell everyone who has kids. Not trying to kiss butt, it’s the truth!

  141. Ann says

    Totally the best parenting site! I come here everyday and I’ve even set this site up as a fav for all of my mom-friends!

  142. Karen says

    That is such a wonderful concept! Perfect for park days and the rainy, snowy season coming up here.

  143. JessA says

    Hello! I found this site via your interview on Jumping Monkeys, and it’s become one of my absolute favorite parenting advice blogs. Keep up the good work!

  144. says

    I love ParentHacks! I could not have survived travelling cross country twice with two children under two without all of your tips. I check the site multiple times a day. I also would LOVE the woobee!

  145. Brittany says

    Happy happy happy day!
    It’s the woobee giveway!
    Don’t ya know, i’d love to say!
    it’d be great for my son’s birthday!

  146. says

    Me! Me! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! Please? Pretty please? I think you’re really awesome! No, really – I’m not saying that for the gifty! Really!

  147. Amie says

    Always know that you are appreciated. You have done us all a great service by starting this site and keeping it going. It is so hard, what we do as parents. You have built a great community that we all use to lighten the load a bit.

  148. says

    Yeah, that last comment was me. Distracted by my child’s TV viewing some show called “Hip-Hop Harry” I accidentally hit send before putting in my name!

  149. Ashely says

    Hey! Adorable blanket!! I LOVE this site, and all of the amazing hack’s! And, since you’re losing your amazing blanket…at Wal-Mart, there is a cute one that is made for the grass out to play, and it has a duck on it with a squeaking bill, and other kid-oriented plaything on it, and it’s only $12 as opposed to this one’s $70

  150. Cynthia says

    I would absolutely love to have this for my lil peanut.

    Love the site – it’s on my iGoogle homepage and I check it daily (sometimes more). Never a shortage of great ideas here!

  151. Jen says

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring. I enjoy reading Parent Hacks very much. Thanks for keeping it up!

  152. Anne says

    Thanks for the awesome site! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it, even after those rough nights….

  153. shaz says

    Oh, Asha, you’ve gotta feel better with all the love here! (Even if some of it is Woobee-love!) Parenthacks rocks.

  154. EvyB says

    This would be perfect for morning walks with the dog and baby during the Portland winters (and spring, summer, and fall!).

  155. says

    Hi, sorry you had one of those nights, mine are both sick and are tag teaming me so I have not slept well in days. Oh well at least they are cute and I get unlimited hugs!

  156. erin says

    I hope tonight is better.
    Love the blankets and the colors are so pretty too. Now why did you name it Myrtle :) ?

  157. sara says

    not sure if i’m too late (depends on your time zone i guess), but please enter me if not! you can even snuggle the blanket for a few more days – i’ll be patient :)

  158. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Well! It’s 5pm PST and I’m closing the comments now, and will get back to you later this evening with the name of the winner! Wow, everyone, what can I say? This is absolutely amazing!