Parent Hacks admin: Gushing and appreciation

Well, folks, I’m officially cheered up. You’re the best — thank you so much for all the sweet greetings and well-wishes in the comments of the Woobee giveaway (you’ve got till 5pm PST today to get in the running).

Speaking of Woobees: IT’S A PHENOMENON! As of 7:40am PST, over 300 of you have thrown your hat in the ring! This is even bigger than the Nosefrida giveaway a while back, but then I guess it’s more pleasant to cuddle with a cozy blanket than it is to suck snot out of someone’s nose.

Carry on…just wanted to pop on to and spread the love around.


  1. Brittany says

    Happy Happy Happy Day!
    It’s the Woobee Giveaway!
    Don’t you know, I’d love to say,
    It’d be great for my son’s birthday! :)